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Recent content by redshell23

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    I thought I'd share how DE changed my life

    Nothing short of inspirational. It's amazing how a quality shave can impact your life. Keep fighting the good fight!
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    Up and running

    Welcome aboard, fire1716! Here's to a great shave!
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    Total noob seeking other FDEWS (Female DE wetshavers?

    Welcome aboard, grazeit! Here's to a great shave!
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    Kiwi in Australia checking in.

    Welcome aboard, Kahlzarg! Here's to a great shave!
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    Checking in from Katy, TX

    Welcome aboard, J.D.! Here's to a great shave!
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    New from New Zealand

    Welcome aboard, AGRNZ! Here's to a great shave!
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    Newbie checking in!

    Welcome aboard, Andy! Here's to great shaves!
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    New To The Forum, Checking In With List of Potential Shave Items

    Welcome aboard, dlauth! Here's to great shaves!
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard, silver! Here's to great shaves!
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    New Guy

    Welcome aboard, Fatboy! I'm new here as well, and I definitely know the feeling. You'll find that this great community is more than willing to help out and make the transition as smooth as possible!
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    Checking in from the southern West Virginia

    Welcome aboard, John! Congrats on the great shaves! Here's to many more!
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    New member checking in

    Welcome aboard, Dankerz! Congrats on the great shaves! Here's to many more!
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    Almost gave up on day 3.

    Welcome aboard, Texas! Hang in there buddy! Hopefully you find a setup that works for you! Keep us posted!
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    Hello from central Iowa

    Welcome aboard, eod! Here's to a great shave!
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    Checking in and saying hello

    Welcome aboard, NeverSharp! Here's to great shaves!