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    thoughts on proraso shaving stuff?

    I have used Proraso Red (sandalwood) for several years now. It's one of my favorites b/c, IMHO, it smells like the Old Spice shaving soap I started using when I was in college ages ago! Good lather and slickness for me as well. I've never tried any of their other scents b/c I love the...
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    I've been neglecting my small collection of razors lately in favor of my 1940's Gillette Super Speed. Feeling like I was in a rut, I got out a new blade today (Derby Extra), and put it in my Gillette Slim Adjustable set on #5. After lathering up with my favorite Proraso Red, I proceeded to...
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    Golf: Post Your Score

    Shot a 77 today at a shorter, easy course. Even though it was shorter and easy, still not bad for a 75 year old!!
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    Question on Proraso Wood and Spice

    Is this a new scent from Proraso?? I've never tried any of theirs besides Sandalwood (soap or cream), and love them both so much that I've never tried any of their other offerings!!
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    Golf: Post Your Score

    Played my first round of the year this week. Been having back problems, but decided to try it....shot an 83, and hit several good shots. Chipping and putting let me down, but the greens are not in mid-season form though, so not too disappointed.
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    Sandalwood: The most meaningless word in wetshaving?

    Agree 100% on the "mysterious sandalwood" scent. My first try (after graduating from Van Der Hagen) was Proraso, which I loved, and still do, b/c it smells just like original Old Spice to me! Then I bought a sample of Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood. Also very good....fresh clean...
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    The Codger Cabin

    I've been wondering....where do you guys buy your SWR, CH, and PA? I don't smoke that much anymore, but every once in a while I get the urge. I would love to try any of these older "codger blends," but don't want to go to the trouble of ordering, paying shipping, etc. I've inquired at a...
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    Cheap shaver thread.

    I have since reconsidered, after trying them in a couple of different razors. They're entirely OK, and maybe my complaint had more to do with my technique than the blades! I suppose the thing to do would be to buy some more Derby Extras and alternate back and forth between the two for a...
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    New pipe, spitfire sport

    Nice looking....I love the use of the rustic pattern in the appearance. Enjoy!
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    Cheap shaver thread.

    Sorry to disagree, but I recently bought 100 of these, after using the Derby Extras (green pkg.) for a few years. I was perfectly satisfied with the Extras....usually got about 7-8 good shaves out of one blade. I decided to try the Premiums (based on the word "premium," I guess, thinking they...
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    My usual routine involves one Gillette TTO or another (Fatboy, Slim Adjustable, or Super Speed), but I decided to get out my Edwin Jagger DE89, which I usually don't use b/c it's just so much more cumbersome to get the blade in and out, etc. Used my usual Derby Premium blade and Proraso...
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    vintage v modern de razors - which do you prefer and why?

    I voted for Vintage. I own 4 vintage Gillettes (a Fatboy, a Slim Adjustable, a 40's and a 50's Super Speed) and an Edwin Jagger DE89. In MY opinion, the Gillettes all give me a better shave than the EJ. Plus, I like the TTO feature of the Gillettes compared to the time it takes to...
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    Experienced shavers using "beginner" razors

    I have five razors, and it's probably too many. I have a Gillette Adjustable Fatboy, a Slim Adjustable, two SuperSpeeds (one 40's style, one 50's style), and on Edwin Jaegger DE89. All the Gillettes are my favorites, and I get very good shaves from all of them. I resumed wet shaving when I...
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    Golf: Post Your Score

    Shot my age the other day.....75, right on the number! That's the second time this season, the fourth time in my "career." Just one of those days when everything worked right. I'll probably shoot 85 next time out!!
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    proraso red super formula

    After using Proraso Red for a few years, I decided to try Stirling Spice, which I had read somewhere was similar to the original Old Spice. I found it NOTHING like OS, but still liked the scent and the shave nevertheless. So, that led me to try some other Stirlings....I found that I also...
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