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    Looking to upgrade, need advice

    Me to. I started DE shaving in 1980. The first 20 years I used a Gillette Fat boy from 2000 and on I use daily a 34c. You are already there, there's absolutely no need to "upgrade". And of course there's nothing wrong with the "longevity" of the 34c and the 19 years of daily shaving proves it.
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    Merkur 34c HD

    In my 39 years of DE shaving ,19 of those years (2000-today) have been Merkur 34c years. The other 20 (1980-2000) were Gilette FB years (but the Merkur 34c smokes the FB). I am looking forward to at least 3 more Merkur 34c decades!
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    Do you leave the water running, or fill the sink?

    I a simply rinse my razor by turning on the faucet for as long it is needed to actually rinse the razor.
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    A seven shave blade.

    I have been DE shaving since 1980. I have always used ALL of my blades for seven days and than changed them (every Saturday morning). I don't think I have ever came across a blade that wasn't good for seven consecutive shaves and in forty years of DE shaving I have almost tried them all.
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    [USA] Does TOBS shaving cream count as a carry on 'liquid'?

    Creams are considered liquids if it is over 100 ml it will be confiscated.
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    Soul patch

    Bad idea
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    How many shave brushes do you own?

    None. I have always used shaving foam or gel with my DE since 1980 when I started shaving.
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    I dont get blade life

    Never had a cartridge last me longer than 7 shaves (I have started using cartidges and disposable razors very late in my life and only when traveling due to the ridiculous TSA rules).In fact they tug like crazy after 4 shaves. I have been DE shaving daily from the get go , almost forty years...
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    Post Office Parking Lot

    I though you were kidding but than I remembered that this is a 90% US forum :001_302: (I am a EU resident and citizen and the only people allowed guns are police officers and this only when they are on duty..having a gun ,even only in your house, is a criminal offence with a minimum 8 year jail...
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    Back to cartridge razors for good.

    I get a BBS four pass shave with a DE and canned foam in five minutes flat. But I have extremely good technique (after almost 40 years of daily DE shaving) so it's no biggie for me. On the other hand shaving with a cart, which l do when I travel due to the ridiculous TSA rules,takes me a longer...
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    A Question for Cartridge Users

    I have never used a modern razor in my life (cart or disposable) until the ridiculous TSA rules became standard (I fly a lot for work). My remarks: 1. Modern razors (carts or disposables) are too SLOW,I need 5 minutes for a four pass DE shave and at least 7 minutes for a four pass cart...
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    Technique vs. Gear

    First you learn how to drive, than you buy a car.
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    Daily Shaving

    I shave every day . The main reason is that I don't want to look like a hobo (our 90% of the men around me that are "rocking" a beard). The other reason is that if I don't shave daily I get a terrible itch and discomfort on my face . It only takes me 5 minutes to achieve a BBS shave (4 pass DE...
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    Shark Blades???

    After 35 years of daily DE shaving and trying almost every blade under the sun,the Shark SS are the only blades I now use. Best ever in my book. But it is MY book and MY book only (blade reviews are TOTALY useless since blades are the most YMMV thing)