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  1. Razor_Ramone

    Seriously confused on (what's suppose to be) the TOP rated (DE) Safety Razor Blades. List your favorite TOP 3 blades please!

    My top blades: Gillette Wilkinson Sword Gillette Nacet Dorco Primes Supermax Diamond Edge Roughly in that order. I prefer the Wilkinson Sword because they are the perfect combo of sharp and smooth. They feel smoother than the Nacet to me, with the Nacet feeling a bit sharper. Dorco primes...
  2. Razor_Ramone

    When to bin a blade ?

    When it starts tugging or pulling my whiskers. That's the best sign that it's lost its edge. If a blade tugs right out of the wrapper, well, that's not a brand I'll use anymore. I can't believe I put up with cartridges for so long. I rarely ever got a good shave. They all pulled and tugged...
  3. Razor_Ramone

    Best current production Tech clone

    Shaved with it tonight. Too mild for my tastes. Seemed even milder than my Weishi. About half-way through the shave I put on the standard "V3" head and really enjoyed it. Got as good of a BBS as I've had in a while (using a German Wilkie). No irritation and no razor burn. Sitting here...
  4. Razor_Ramone

    Best current production Tech clone

    I just ordered a sampler from Maggard's. The "V3M" looks to me to be a Tech clone. Probably made by Baili or someone in China I'm sure.
  5. Razor_Ramone

    Personna 74 Tungsten Blade Variants

    I would wager they were pulled because consumers always go for lower price over longevity. We're seeing it in the LED light market right now. All the older models with massive heatsinks and what not (that cost $15 or $20) simply didn't sell. So they are moving to cheap plastic bulbs with no...
  6. Razor_Ramone

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    Aluminum is good against general corrosion in mild environments. It has an oxide layer that forms as soon as it encounters water and this oxide layer protects it from further corrosion. So the anodized finish "wearing off" shouldn't be a concern. However, like stainless steel, it's going to...
  7. Razor_Ramone

    Razorock Game Changer Question

    Yeah I checked last night and the .84 is available in radio knob ONLY. You apparently can't just buy the head right now. So for those of you with RAD, you can get the radio knob right now (or could last night).
  8. Razor_Ramone

    Non Gillette replacement for Silver Blues?

    Yep. Gillette's CEO said it's because millennials are wearing beards.
  9. Razor_Ramone

    Recommend My Next ...

    Depends on what you want. You want something more aggressive than the 34C? It's a good razor.
  10. Razor_Ramone

    Non Gillette replacement for Silver Blues?

    Voshkods Rapira Platinum Lux Rapira Swedish Supersteel Dorco Primes Wilkinson Sword Classics (German) Supermax Diamond Edge (love these blades personally). Lord Platinums (haven't tried them but lots love them). Polsilvers, Sputnik, Permasharp and other PPI Russian made blades are owned by...
  11. Razor_Ramone

    What are your thoughts on Maggard razors?

    So you think the .84 is equally as aggressive as the V3A? I am looking to upgrade from my V3A and was thinking about the .84, but I want to tone down the aggression a bit. If the .84 is equally as aggressive as the V3A, then I guess the .68 would be more up my alley?
  12. Razor_Ramone

    Timeless Titanium, Stainless, Bronze, or Aluminum

    I would go with titanium because of that metals' inherent corrosion resistance. If you're spending $200 I would want it to last a lifetime. Titanium is better than both SS and bronze in that regard, though it is lighter than both if that's something that concerns you.
  13. Razor_Ramone

    Looking For a New Medium Aggression Razor

    Looking for something on the cheaper end. I want something that is more aggressive than a Weishi, but less aggressive than, say, a Maggard V3A. I was looking at the various Baili razors. Are they somewhere in between or are they as mild as a Weishi? I am also thinking about picking up a Game...
  14. Razor_Ramone

    What razor/blade did you use today

    I've been at this wet shaving game since the early Spring, so I am several months in. My first razor, like many, was the Van Der Hagen/Weishi TTO. I haven't touched it in months, but decided today I'd give it a go just to see how my opinion has changed if any. I tried a blade I haven't used...
  15. Razor_Ramone

    Rusty blade still in its wrapper

    The stainless used in the blades is a cheaper ferritic steel -- something like 430 Stainless. It's just iron and a chromium alloy (usually about 15% or so chrome). That type of steel isn't nearly as rust resistant as the austenitic steels (like the 300 series) which is what most SS razor...