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  1. Razor Ramon

    Pinaud and Florida water in a movie...

    There is a scene in the show Ballers where the boss of ASM splashes himself with Osage Rub while on his boat.
  2. Razor Ramon

    What is the most efficient razorock razor?

    I own the SLOC, Hawk2, Old Type and Mamba. The sloc is middle of the road aggressiveness but very efficient if you blade buff. This is the best razor for me that I've ever used. The Mamba and Old Type are both too mild for my head and take way too much work. I used both for about two weeks...
  3. Razor Ramon

    Woody's After Shave ?

    I've often wondered the same but I could find any information online about it.
  4. Razor Ramon

    Razorock Mamba Love

    I like the mamba but it is too mild for me. Its smooth but a lot of work for me to get a decent shave. I would say it is as efficient as it is aggressive. Ymmv but it's a razor I wanted to love but couldn't
  5. Razor Ramon

    looking for light aftershave Balm for the summer

    Proraso green is a good one and relatively cheap
  6. Razor Ramon

    Anyone tried Honeybee or Mama Bear Old Spice style colognes?

    PAA Cold Spices is apparently close
  7. Razor Ramon

    Discontinued cheaper scents you’d like to see available again

    I thought Jade East was still available. What does it smell like?
  8. Razor Ramon

    Top aftershave balm!

    PAA made a good balm but changed to a Jelly which I have not yet tried. Proraso green is very good also
  9. Razor Ramon

    Open Combs for head shavers

    I am a head shaver and struggled on the back of my neck for a long time. I currently use the R41 if I've gone too long between shaves or the Razorock SLOC. I'd use the SLOC exclusively but it doesn't do overly well with long hair, and that's where the R41 shines. I should also note that I...
  10. Razor Ramon

    Healing and soothing aftershave splash

    Get the Speick
  11. Razor Ramon

    Brut aftershave. Anyone using?

    I used the Brut Cologne sold at Walmart in the plastic bottles. It was good stuff and close to the original as I remember but they changed it recently. The scent is weak and not what it used to be. I dumped the last bottle I bought and returned the 25.6 ounce bottle that suffered from the...
  12. Razor Ramon

    Aftershave effects on emotions

    That is awesome. This is how I feel about aftershaves. Old Spice (India) makes me feel classy. Reminds me of a better time and a better generation. If the scent lasting longer and didn't irritate my neck, it would be all I'd wear and I'd do it proudly. Aqua Velva Musk makes me feel warm...
  13. Razor Ramon

    Which Denim Aftershave to Try?

    I ended up ordering the Musk to try. Its pretty cheap even after shipping to Canada. If it is good I will try the rest.
  14. Razor Ramon

    Is Proraso Aftershave with eucalyptus and menthol better for your skin than cheaper brands?

    Proraso looks and smells fantastic but I haven't found it any better than skin bracer or Aqua Velva original sport (green stuff). Speick is something different for sure. Its amazi g stuff and worth the price but I only use it when I mess up
  15. Razor Ramon

    Anyone Still Wearing Blue Stratos?

    If it wasn't for the free health care I'd move south of the border for their superior aftershave selections. :) I have a sister in Buffalo. I may need to have her stock up for me.