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  1. RandomAct

    Shavetools.com Movember 2013 Contest

    I'm in!
  2. RandomAct

    New DE shaver checking in just in time for Movember

    Lets see: Derby Extra, Astra Superior Platinum, Precision, and Dorco Platinum I've heard good and bad things about most of these, any advice or warnings?
  3. RandomAct

    Prince George, BC

    I live just by there, am going to head down and see if they've updated their stock
  4. RandomAct

    RandomAct's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Jon What are your nicknames/aliases? None Where do you live? Prince George, BC Canada. The dark and frozen North What is your age (or) generation? about to hit the big three-oh What are you in the real world? High School Teacher What is your...
  5. RandomAct

    Canadians on B&B, eh? Hoser.

    Prince George, BC. Land of Snow and Sawmills.
  6. RandomAct

    New DE shaver checking in just in time for Movember

    So I decided to make the switch from the old Mach to a double-edged about a week ago and my shipment got into my hands just in time for movember, so it looks like a sign. So far I'm loving both the quality of the shave and the actual process, feels much better than the Can & Plastic shaves...
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