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Recent content by random

  1. random

    Anyone Face Lather with Marco's Method?

    I use exactly the same "adaptation" of Marco's method with excellent results every time.
  2. random

    Is Omega seen as the ugly red headed step child of badger shaving brushes?

    I have a silvertip and I like it very much. It's not as dense / firm as other brushes but has very soft tips and feels great on the face. It lathers everything I throw at it, soft soaps, hard sopas, creams, you name it. I feel it has the same type of hair as the Kent brushes, in fact my brush...
  3. random

    Kent BK4 shorter loft equivalent?

    Hello gents, What would be the equivalent of a Kent BK4, but with a shorter loft? I mean something not so densely packed, somewhat floppy you might say, but very soft and with great flow-through. Regards, Cosmin.
  4. random

    Figaro, Il Barbiere di Siviglia.

    Ciao, Marco! Do you mind telling me what model is the Vulfix brush you use (as seen in the pictures in the thread)? Grazie.
  5. random

    Speick products.

    The shaving cream smells IMO very similar to the shaving stick. I wasn't aware they manufacture a shaving soap however. I haven't tried the cologne yet.
  6. random

    I found an answer to my right neck

    I guess choking means to grip the razor near its head, rather than to grip it at the base of the handle.
  7. random

    For those about to quit...(long post)

    For those about to quit... ...We encourage you! First, let me tell you a bit about my journey through the land of wet shaving during the past 2 years. When I embarked on this journey, I was regarding shaving as a painful choir and I used to avoid it as long as I could. In the past, I only...
  8. random

    Merkur Progress settings

    I would suggest to put your Progress on a 2 or maybe 3 setting for the beginning. 3 is the setting that is mimicking the HD. Make sure you make the alignments as is the instruction page included with the razors. I mean the notches on the razor head and bar. Also check the angle, make sure is not...
  9. random

    Progress and EJ DE89l

    I have both and I would say the EJ is around a 3, maybe 3.5 on the Progress scale.
  10. random

    Is there a black Edwin Jagger DE89L?

    Not anymore it seems. But you could try an ibony Chatsworth or Loxley EJ, whatever style you like. Or you could try a Muehle R106, they have the same razor head as EJ: http://www.muehle-shaving.com/shop/classic/razors/1/safety_razor/77/8/R_106. UPDATE: It seems they have one after all...
  11. random

    Favourite/Best brush to face lather with?

    For me Simpsons Tulip 2 or even 1 are the best for face lathering.
  12. random

    Dr. Harris Arlington...wow!

    I have and regularly use the Arlington and Lavender creams. To me they are the best shaving creams I have tried so far. Compared to TOBS (avocado) I find they are a little more protective and "cushiony", not that TOBS does not perform well.
  13. random

    Feather-like blades

    For me Astras (both Platinum and Keramik) are excellent middle-of-the-road blades: sharp enough, but also smooth enough.
  14. random

    New Mühle R89 or R85SR ?

    I have a R89 and while it shaves beautifully and looks great, I am a little dissapointed with the handle. It appears to be hollow (or not very solid material), and when I dropped it in the sink, it dented. Still would recommend it though. EDIT: Also check the Edwin Jagger razors, which are...
  15. random

    Brush number 3

    If you are looking indeed for something dense but meanwhile very soft (but still very firm) I would recommend a custom-made Shavemac with D01 hair (or at least silvertip). You can customize the handle (type, colour, material) and also the loft, knot size and type of loft (fan or bulb). I have a...
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