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Recent content by RaiserLiebe

  1. RaiserLiebe

    Simple question regarding corned beef

    Just cooked corned beef in crock pot last Saturday. Nothing could be easier- or tastier. Beef in pot with carrots and onion, cook low 8 hrs. Then added 1/2 cabbage in two wedges and turned to high for a couple hours. Probably could have done on high for 4-6 hours. But do add cabbage later in the...
  2. RaiserLiebe

    Cream suggestions

    TOBS Cedarwood is very rich and great aroma. Mike
  3. RaiserLiebe

    Honing PSA

    Here's an online calculator that gives results approx equal to OP's: http://www.calculator.net/triangle-calculator.html?vc=&vx=16.3&vy=16.3&va=&vz=6.2&vb=&angleunits=d&x=61&y=4 I input the values for the three sidesand it gives the angles which result. Mike
  4. RaiserLiebe

    Wifey here - Help! Which brush would you want to receive?

    You know, I have paid as much as $100 for brushes. The one I now use daily is Razorock Disruptor (about $9). Canadian company, excellent customer service, excellent reputation here. You just can't go wrong with this brush. It's on this page...
  5. RaiserLiebe

    Not Sold On This

    +1. I couldn't tame the R41 even with more experience than you have. Peeled several layers of skin, every shave a blood bath.Why go though having a sore face every day? After 4 years, milder/kinder razors are my lane (Superspeed 40's, Fatboy at 6, Flare, Tech, Rockwell at 3). I don't have to...
  6. RaiserLiebe

    What's a good alcohol based, citrus scented AS

    Arlington or Eton College. Lucky Tiger (but it has no alcohol) Mike
  7. RaiserLiebe

    1940's Style Gillette Super Speed Razor - WOW!

    Try it with a NACET, 7oc Black, or Rapira Plat Lux for a truly life-altering experience! I love my SS 40s. As good a shave as you can get. (Well, the Rockwell 6S is a bit better-- but also 10x what you paid for the Superspeed!) Mike
  8. RaiserLiebe

    Checking in & seeking maintenance tips

    Jermyn St Aftershave. Pretty pricey! https://www.amazon.com/Jermyn-Street-Collection-Aftershave-Lotion/dp/B00OZNG77I/ref=sr_1_24_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1479210332&sr=8-24&keywords=jermyn+street Mike
  9. RaiserLiebe

    Name for the Vegas’ new hockey team :

    LV Chips (as in ice chips!) Mike
  10. RaiserLiebe

    interesting necktie knots

    I looked at bazillions of web illustrations and vids before this one made it all click for me. Learn to tie it by practicing on your thigh! (Of course, it is a bit of a stretch after that to tie it around your neck in the mirror. But tying it on the thigh cements the knot in your mind...
  11. RaiserLiebe


    I have a bottle next to my sink. Great stuff! Mike
  12. RaiserLiebe

    What was your first car?

    1967 or 68 Ford Custom with 3 on the tree. Big boat of a car, but loved it. 200 bucks (about $500 in today's USD).
  13. RaiserLiebe

    Smoked Bologna anyone?

    My friend soaks in Frank's hot sauce then smokes. An interesting result- not bad! Claims it comes from relatives in the old country (Kentucky). Mike
  14. RaiserLiebe

    REDBONE from 1974 <VID>

    Gee, I thought you meant LEON Redbone... https://youtu.be/jGUW0uAwDyw Mike
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