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  1. Quintar

    Identify butterscotch simpson

    My neighbor was over and saw all my brushes in my bathroom. He said he had a few he had picked up here and there but since he was moving he wanted to get rid of them. So he checked in a box under his bathroom sink and came up with this old catalin handle Simpson brush. It seems to be in...
  2. Quintar

    SCS and Shave Den

    I have smoke and beads from SCS and it has to be the most potent scent I have, and I have some crazy potent scents. i seriously cannot spray a small enough spritz to make it wearable. its a crazy patchouli incense bomb.
  3. Quintar

    Rive Gauche-like aftershave splash?

    didn't you say you didn't want menthol? aqua velva has quite a bit of menthol in it. might as well just use original barbasol then...
  4. Quintar

    Polo Black

    my brother in law was wearing it at a wedding a few years back and I asked him what he was wearing since it smelled pretty good... It's not bad, woody I thought it smelled like cedar and maybe some patchouli with a sweetness to it...
  5. Quintar

    free shipping and sale items at urban outfitters

    I got an email about free shipping on all items at urban outfitters so I went to buy a few things and found out they sell a nice amount of shaving gear, much of it on sale... proraso http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/search.jsp?q=proraso portland general store...
  6. Quintar

    Best MUSK fragrances

    Yeah I haven't tried a whole lot of muscs, I have MKK, which I really like, and jovan musk, I always figured the jovan didn't smell anything like musk at all but I could be wrong? what do you guys think about jovan?
  7. Quintar

    Hard vs. Soft Water and Lather

    from the wikipedia page on hard water: basically divalent cations, magnesium, calcium, etc. with outcompete the monovalent sodium or potassium in soap and these complexes are much less soluble in water so fall out of solution instead of forming lather.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  8. Quintar

    What is your SO's favorite scent?

    Mine likes GIT/Cool water, gucci pour homme II, carolina herrera men, and bay rum aftershaves...on her dad she likes eau sauvage
  9. Quintar

    For fans of 1 Million

    I tried givenchy gentlemen only a few weeks ago. I'm a big fan of the original gentleman so I was excited to try the new only version. Well I was extremely disappointed. It has not relation at all to the original except for the bottle. My first thought was that it smells like watered down 1...
  10. Quintar

    Tying my shoes wrong and a shaving aha moment

    that's the same as tying a granny knot vs a square knot...the square knot is stronger but you have to invert the cross-over when you tie the second half. I never really noticed before but tying your shoes is just a square knot with quick release loops. It seems most people tie the granny knot...
  11. Quintar

    Kanon Agarwood

    I have three kanons: the original kanon, which is just ok, kinda dated I think... kanon norwegian wood, which is a great sweet mellow woody scent that I really like... I bought Kanon agarwood hoping it'd be as good...but I really dislike it. too sweet and synthetic, smells like air freshener or...
  12. Quintar

    Humiliated at work today

    Odd that you have stocked up on virtually every gourmand you can get if you're concerned about smelling like food...I thought that was the whole point in wearing a gourmand?
  13. Quintar

    Fragrance Components of Gillette Cool Wave Deodorant?

    Does the deodorant smell different than the aftershave? there are a few threads on basenotes discussing the aftershave. I haven't smelled it myself, but i noticed one person compare it to safari which used to come in a whole line of shaving products...
  14. Quintar

    2000 Post PIF! Closed- thank you!

    Nice PIF, I'm definitely in. I'll guess Dewar's white label
  15. Quintar

    Your favorite Caron?

    There's also L'anarchiste, cool bottle and people say it smells like blood...I didn't think so, smells like canned mandarin oranges and some mint. I have a bottle of PuH so I guess thats my favorite. though I've been looking to try farnesiana since I love almond...