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    shaving not on a regular basis

    For a while my job required me to shave daily, and I was getting good at getting a good close shave with my gold dollar. Now I don't shave everyday due to time constraints and other factors. So now I shave maybe twice a week. That makes for a rough shave due to the longer hair. Once I get that...
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    Dallas Pen Show

    Is there a cost just to look around?
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    proraso red on the way!

    Well finally got it in the mail and broke it out first thing! I noticed the scent was not strong at first. As I slowly added water and worked up a lather it I started to smell the sandalwood much stronger. A nice creamy lather that smelled wonderful and felt great. I would recommend it to any...
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    proraso red on the way!

    So it is a "croap" I had been thinking about getting a cream, but wanted to stick with I already knew, soap. I got the email that it has shipped so I will hopefully have a report on the first go in a few days. Curious to see how it differs from the van der hagen soap. From everything I have...
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    proraso red on the way!

    I have ordered a tub of proraso red label and will be enjoying it soon. I was wondering if yall had any advice for a newbie to help me along when I get it. At present I have a tub of van der hagen that came in a cheap starter set w/ brush and bowl. One thing at a time so new soap first. I can...
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    Cycling does not have to take place indoors

    They actually have these in downtown Ft Worth , Texas , USA. One of the few cities here in the states that do!
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    Who ties Their Own Fishing Flies?

    A couple of flies I tied for a competition for a tenkara site I follow. They are tied in hand, no vise. SO maybe not as pretty as I like, but i figure the fish should enjoy them!
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    Fly Fishing

    There is a whole lot that could be suggested, but what kind of fish will you be pursuing and in what kind of environment? Generally speaking a 6wt rod is a good middle ground rod that can catch most everything that swims in cold or warm water, but if you have something specific in mind then a...
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    a question of taste?

    Well I posted this about just before I headed to bed. Sorry for the late reply, I am using vanderhagen soap. I will start adding a bit more water and see how that goes. I did get a good fluffy lather this morning by going a bit longer with the brush so by adding that bit more water I should get...
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    a question of taste?

    So the question is this. I have a been using shaving soap and going good, but it lacks the slickness(?) that I like. Should I use a cream or maybe add some oils? What are y'alls thoughts on such things? Thanks ahead of time, HOSS
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    pet problem

    I just got my first shaving brush and walked into the bathroom to find my cat chewing on it! Anybody else out there have experience with this problem? :laugh:
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    Snail Mail Exchange Thread

    Revived my first letter from Andy yesterday! Thanks man.
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    full dressed salmon flies

    Full dress salmon flies are not easy to tye and do take a lot of work, I never could get the wings right, Hours in fact. The list of materials oldbluelight gave is a small list and many more could be added. However there is hope if your willing to try something different. You could try tying...
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    I am getting spoiled

    I had been looking, for quite a while, for a pen that drew a nice clean dark line. I settled on a gel pen and that was ok, but still not quite what I was looking for. Then I got a pilot metro and I have found what I have been looking for all long. I am enjoying the heck out of it too. I seem to...
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    Will the Fountain Pen Outlive Microsoft?

    I know what I want to say, but can't say it properly. Sufficed to say it will never happen.