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Recent content by professorchaos

  1. professorchaos

    Yamazaki 12

    Yes! Yes! Yes! And ssssssssssssh. It is elusive enough.
  2. professorchaos

    Well, the bride was a picture in the gown that her mama wore

    You knew her when she used to rock and roll?
  3. professorchaos

    Appeal to Jodhpur Boots (with straps) owners

    Only two pairs in my closet. And these are not my pictures. Carmina in brown burnished calf. And a more trad pair of C&J Cottesmore in chestnut.
  4. professorchaos

    Arabian oud (floral essence)

    I'll check that one out. I've got a handful of Arabian Oud frags. My favorite thus far is Sultan's Blend.
  5. professorchaos

    Sid Mashburn-thoughts?

    I've been to the one in Atlanta. The suits & jackets ran too close to trendy for my taste. Some excellent shirts and fantastic footwear. I'd choose J. Press for the suit.
  6. professorchaos

    Thiers Issard. What's your opinion

    I have a bunch. Vintage steel, new steel. Love them all.
  7. professorchaos

    Serge Lutens

    Luetens frags seem to break down into two categories which are polar opposites of each other: rich, rococo compositions and austere, almost spartan sketches. While I enjoy and own several of the former, it is the latter where I think the brand's brilliance lies. Serge Noir and Borneo 1824 are...
  8. professorchaos

    shoe polish

    If the maker supplies a polish with the shoes - which is a nice touch - I'll use that. Otherwise, Saphir.
  9. professorchaos

    What would you choose?

    I'd take the Ralf Aust.
  10. professorchaos

    Black or Brown?

    No less than one shade lighter than the pants is quite a bit different than white shoes with black pants. If an extreme example urges you to hew to rigid rules, please feel free. I prefer to exercise my judgement and discretion. Sometimes that includes brown shoes after 6 PM too.
  11. professorchaos

    Footwear of the Day

    Carmina Cap Toe Boots
  12. professorchaos

    Black or Brown?

    Generally speaking, I prefer brown shoes to black. I find the color richer and they develop a better patina. In more casual attire, it is perfectly acceptable to wear brown shoes with navy pants. So I'd opt for brown. Lighter brown shoes can look quite good with navy pants. Perhaps many...
  13. professorchaos

    Haberdashery Acquisitions

    Enzo Bonafè, Wholecut Oxford, Etruscan Calf.
  14. professorchaos

    Winter is coming! What to wear!

    I live in Boston and walk to work. Leather jackets and wool sweaters have served me well down into the low teens.
  15. professorchaos

    Dulling to sharpen?

    Nah. Don't dull it. Just hone until it passes the TNT test.