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    The Cult of Apple

    I have several Apple products and I love it. In 5 years of owning a Mac I've been without it for no more than two days. That is incredible. Most recently I took my Macbook Pro for a battery issue. First I called the support, and it was an overall good experience compared to other tech support...
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    PIF # 3 For Military (Active Or Veteran) - Razor, Brush and Soap

    Count me in! Active Duty Air Force, just reached my two year mark last week.
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    Playing with my macro lens

    Playing around with my new macro filters.. For $15 it's a lot of fun. For this picture I hate how most of him is out of focus/ the shallow depth of field. Taken with a Canon 40D, Tamron 28-300 with a +2 and +4 macro filter. On my lawn chair which made for an excellent background.
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    PIF of a couple pens

    Count me in! Go USF
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    Playing with my macro lens

    I don't have a Macro, just a 28-300mm but here are my recent attempts at shooting bugs. I'm debating on getting a macro extension tube, a micro lens probably wouldn't get too much use. Does anyone have any experience with them? The spider came into my house last night, instead of being normal...
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    Mourning Lost Pens (sadness inside, you've been warned)

    None lost, but I just found my Vista inside my Golden Retriever puppy mouth. Only the barrel is damage and at $20 for a replacement barrel for a $30 pen. Multiple grit sandpaper I smooth it out, Only the top of the barrel where the cap it posted which affects the converter so everytime the...
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    Parker '51' on Craigslist

    I figured that much, I don't want to low ball him by asking a third of the price but I just don't know how much value the cap itself gives to the pen. I see a lot of 51 selling for sub $60-80 on FPN and I may be heading to the area tomorrow. I just like the idea of trying before I buy.
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    Parker '51' on Craigslist

    I did a little search and someone insisted on posting a CL ad so I thought it couldn't hurt to post one. And it does say local buyers only :001_tt2:
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    Parker '51' on Craigslist

    $150 obo. A little part of me just wants to ink it up and write with it to see what the hype is all about. How much should I offer for it? http://eastnc.craigslist.org/clt/3069744264.html
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    U.S. Air Force Veterans - Rank / AFSC

    2010-2016/20/24 or 2030 Originally 1W0X1- Weather Forecaster but didn't quite make it through the school. Currently a 2R151- Maintenance Management Production. In short I schedule stuff. Seymour Johnson AFB May 2011- please god not much longer. A1C- E3
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    Noodler's Konrad Flex Review

    Thus far I really enjoy it. Todd at Isellpens was giving away a $17 bottle of ink with the purchase of a $20 pen. Normally I'd be reluctant for the fact my Noodler flex pen is a little finicky but it's superb. I think I've been venturing into finer lines although all I have a medium pens so it...
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    200 Derby extra DE blades for $13.77

    Reviews says they have a bad quality control. I don't see how wrapped blades can be any different from particular retails but I may try to shave with the few Derbys that I have from my first batch 3 years ago to see if it would be worth it. Regardless, they work great for the nether regions.
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    I bought a dip pen. Dip dip dip dip

    I love it! Right now I'm dipping the same ink that's is in one of my pens with a 1.1 italic nib and the color difference is intense. No shading vs extreme shading.. And I'm kind of liking the finer nib! Then the same weekend Family Guy came out with this video. If you're not a fan just skip to...
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    Escape from the ball-point planet

    IMO my preppy doesn't give me the satisfaction of writing with a fountain pen, the Pilot Varsity reminded me too much of a felt tip pen, and the Flex pens are hit or miss. http://www.isellpens.com/pilot.html currently has Pilot 78G for under $13 and they sell 3ML samples, I hear that they are...
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    iPhone 5

    Sadly, probably much sooner than Dec 14, 2012... Which is the date I'm eligible for an upgrade. With the exception of the iPhone 4s each phone were announced in May and went on sale in July... October for the 4s. Their usual update cycle is right around the corner, but I personally don't see...