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  1. ponykilr

    Razorock Razor - more efficient than the Wunderbar!

    I do not equate “aggression“ with “efficient” in a direct correlation. To me (ymmv) aggressive is the opposite of smooth. I have experienced smooth razors that were efficient and some that are not. The WB when handled properly is very smooth and efficient as is the Fine Slant. The 🦊 gets high...
  2. ponykilr

    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    I agree the Slim is the better of the 2
  3. ponykilr

    Gold Fatip Open Comb Slant - First Shave

    It is one of my 3 goto razors and is unmatched in performance per dollar. I only own 4 🤭
  4. ponykilr

    Have you ever liked a razor so much you bought it more than once?

    I now have 4 FOCS, 2 Wunderbar, 2 Fine Slants (one aluminum, one Superlite) 2 PAA slants (ElFantasma and PBOCS) I have a thing about backups.
  5. ponykilr

    *Fatip Slant*

    @Atlantic59 congrats! I am holding out for a nickel Lo Storto Originale....to go with my 3 🦊 and 1 Gold 🦊😆
  6. ponykilr

    Fine Slant Razor (polished aluminum) I’M IN LOVE

    I wanted to offer an update on the Fine Slant since @Cal hasn’t given one for a while 🤠 I have been using the Fine in my main rotation of the FOCS and Wunderbar, those 3 make up my goto tools. I will sometimes use the El Fantasma or PBOCS in there but mostly the 3 amigos are all I could ask for...
  7. ponykilr

    Putali Slant

    I agree, I hate foreign knockoffs. It definitely is a rip on the Stealth and while not sure of what it is made of (zamak?) it looks awful close up. Not speaking ill of any of the buyers here, I love experimenting with new razors too.
  8. ponykilr

    FS Razorock Wunderbar & Kampfe Star #1

    Sent you a pm on the WB
  9. ponykilr

    *Fatip Slant*

    Interesting 🧐
  10. ponykilr

    FS End of Year Den Clearing and WTB/Trade for Charcoal Goods Brass Lvl 2

    I’ll take the Fine Superlite. Sent PM
  11. ponykilr

    *Fatip Slant*

    I told a member that the FOCS wasn’t as aggressive as a Slim wide open. I stand by that. I do not get that a 🦊 has a lot of blade feel, to me it is about like a pre-war Tech in blade feel and nowhere near my Red Tip.
  12. ponykilr

    To Shim or Not to Shim

    A shim under the blade generally increases the gap and blade exposure. A shim on top may decrease blade exposure depending on the razor’s design. Another phenomenon I have witnessed is that a shim on top of the blade in a razor prone to chatter (like the PBOCS) can tame it.
  13. ponykilr

    Gillette Razors FS: New Improved Set, Rocket HD 500 & Black Beauty

    I don’t need it...but I want it...will take the Rocket. PM sent.
  14. ponykilr

    *Fatip Slant*

  15. ponykilr

    *Fatip Slant*

    So I do not usually jive with Feather blades. They are harsh to me and do not seem to actually shave any closer. This morning the 🦊 is back at bat and I looked in my loose blades and .... there’s a few Feathers. I loaded one up, took a hot shower and lathered up with Taconic Urban Woods. WTG...
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