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    Newbie says hi, possible razor advice?

    I don't know if the handle will fit as I'm not familiar with either of those razors. As for the small size of the travel razor, I think I am correct in saying it takes a standard DE blade so the actual shaving area will be the same regardless. The only difference MIGHT be the height of the top...
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    Newbie says hi, possible razor advice?

    I dare say you will receive any number of recommendations for a new razor... or two, or three. It's entirely up to you though. If you're happy going the minimalist route, you could easily continue with what you have and chase the best shave you can get. What razor you get depends on whether you...
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    Overseas only PIF. The EU, UK, Australia, Asia - really!

    The tracking is still showing my package as being in Chicago, put the postie had a surprise for me this morning. As Weean said, the 45th parallel smells fantastic. I'll have to spend a bit more time when I take a break from work to investigate the other soaps and balms. I'll have to wait until...
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    Shaving bowl - big difference

    I have always face lathered, never thought about getting a bowl. I was fortunate to win the Captains Choice non US Pif which included a bowl. Not knowing what to expect I asked for a bowl of their discretion so I don't know what I will receive. I can't wait to try bowl lathering when it...
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    Lapping film, try it.

    I have some of the aliexpress lapping film and it works fine. The set I have is one of those posted by rbscebu above. If I were to be honing more than I do now, the 3m film would probably be worthwhile. Just make sure it is the film and not paper and is not adhesive backed.
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    Overseas only PIF. The EU, UK, Australia, Asia - really!

    Thank you for the very generous PIF.
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    Anyone just shave one pass?

    With a well honed razor and good stropping I can get by with a one pass shave with touch up on the chin. Usually a two pass shaver though. Upon saying that, looking at the general population, I could get a socially acceptable shave with the handle of a plastic spoon.
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    Overseas only PIF. The EU, UK, Australia, Asia - really!

    I'm in if it's still open. You Americans need to relax more. Great to see a non CONUS pif.
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    Brexit, ordering directly from Simpsons - VAT?

    Non UK buyers should pay the price excluding VAT. Any VAT and customs charges are due to your tax/customs authorities and are often collected prior to release of the package.
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    Lapping Film.

    I can say without fear of argument that acrylic is not as heavy as granite. If you hone in hand as per the method, you will be glad for the lighter weight. Upon saying that, granite does work and is what was used in the early stages of the development of the method system. Acrylic blocks are...
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    Loading from tub bad for a croap?

    Yeah, I probably should have looked through the thread before posting. I'll definitely keep these in mind when I need to buy more soap. With the UK being out of the EU, I'd get stung for VAT and customs charges if I ordered from there. Or wait untill my next trip to the US.
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    Loading from tub bad for a croap?

    Thanks. Someone posted a Dutch and Spanish link earlier in the thread. I'll have to investigate once my soap stock is considerably reduced.
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    Marmite and Vegemite fanciers?

    As Cleanshaved (above) said, expats tend to search out the marmite they grew up with. I can state for a fact the texture and taste between the NZ and UK variants is very different. I haven't tried the SA version but given they tend to search out the SA version, I would assume it is different...
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    Marmite and Vegemite fanciers?

    I grew up with NZ marmite so that is my preference. Now in Ireland, the NZ marmite is unobtainable so I go for vegemite when the urge strikes. The UK marmite doesn't work for me.
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    Switching Hands?

    I switch when using either a straight or de. It's something I have always done. Then it's not really surprising to me as I have no trouble using a knife with either hand, use most hand tools with either hand. I generally use scissors right handed as most are designed for right handed use.
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