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  1. Phog Allen

    The Great Gatsby- NO SPOILERS

    An excellent notion. Indeed, I really don't like working at it to make sense of a reading. It is why I really do not like biographies. I need to escape reality for awhile or be learning something. Biographies bore me.
  2. Phog Allen

    The Great Gatsby- NO SPOILERS

    Sorry to the OP. Two posts made by me and no mention of your original question. I have mot read the novel even though it was all the rage in the 70s after the Redford movie came out. To be honest, none of the 'lost generation' interested me then. I wanted war, fantasy, mythology, and science...
  3. Phog Allen

    The Great Gatsby- NO SPOILERS

    You know, I bought Something Wicked This Way Comes a couple of years ago and have not finished it yet. I find it draggy and...I am not sure what. I will have to look into his short stories.
  4. Phog Allen

    The Great Gatsby- NO SPOILERS

    The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the best. Love, lost love. Loss and the desire for revenge. Intrigue, scheming, and the seeming inability to reconcile any of them one to the other. Dantes' learning of academics, fencing, faith, and agonising decision to ignore Abbe Faria's warning to leave...
  5. Phog Allen

    Steve Wanted to Kill Me..I just Knew It......A Veterans Tale

    Great stuff fellas. My dad was a fourteen year vet of the Kansas National Guard. 1952-60 and 1968-74. How he managed to never be deployed overseas was beyond me. It is a humbling experience when the colour guard hands your mother the folded flag.
  6. Phog Allen

    Netflix-The Haunting of Hill House.

    I saw the promo but haven't watched it. Now that I your positive review of it I will take a closer look. Thank you for the information.
  7. Phog Allen

    Ozark on Netflix--has anyone watched or is currently watching?

    Binged season two. Bateman and the other actors are performing well above the scripting. Trust me, there aren't that many people meeting grisly ends at Lake of the Ozarks.
  8. Phog Allen

    Geo. F. Trumper Eucris and Spanish Leather Creams In Jars

    Outstanding. If there was one thing Trumper could to improve their creams it would be to drop all the colourants completely.
  9. Phog Allen

    bluetooth music receiver

    Daniel, I have to use Tunein for other stations too. My local powerhouse AM channel was there but it moved to the radio.com app last year sometime. I wil, tell her to check her account andnse what she has access to. Thanks again for the useful information.
  10. Phog Allen

    Need advise on portable generator for house.

    Since you are running through a proper transfer switch, make sure you know which type of grounding system your genset has. Most of the typical 'job site' generators have a bonded ground and a lot of inveter types have a floating ground. Thus can cause issues with GFCI receptacles. If you are...
  11. Phog Allen

    bluetooth music receiver

    Another option I have found is the app radio.com. What I like about it is the ability to stream regular terrestrial radio broadcasts if they are a member. Now to me, local broadcast music radio is dead. It is worthless for playlist depth, interesting personalities, etc. Not my thing anymore...
  12. Phog Allen

    bluetooth music receiver

    Daniel, good information about the YouTube services. About a year and a half ago my daughter was eating our data allowance like candy watching music videos. She begged and pleaded til we got her YTRed. Mostly so she could dowmnload the songs and save streaming bandwidth. The cost is ten dollars...
  13. Phog Allen

    The new growth industry -- Storage Units

    Agree on all counts. In just the last six months we have seen two new storage services open. Well, one was built and opened and another is announced in a former Hastings building in a strip mall. I am flat out tired of dealing with clutter. No matter how it is organised, it is still THERE...
  14. Phog Allen

    Best and worst Halloween candy?

    Yeah, I can just see it now; Did you document your source for the corn kernels? Did you make certain the crop was hovered over by a medicine man and properly vetted by the health authorities? No? Well you madam granny should be stoned to death with your own popcorn balls for your savage attempt...
  15. Phog Allen

    Best and worst Halloween candy?

    Oh man, for me it was the classic bars; Snickers, Reeses, and PayDay. Also, there used to be these bags of gum that were in the form of little baseballs. Coloured white with the little red stitches and all. About 1/2 inch in diameter they were great. There was a certain house that gave them out...
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