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  1. PhillyB

    Acquiring Birdshot

    I kinda knew how shot was made, but I've never seen a picture of a building where it's actually done. Wouldn't want to be the guy at the top of that tower in the summer though!
  2. PhillyB

    Acquiring Birdshot

    https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/reloading-equipment-supplies/shot-wads/eagle-magnum-lead-shot-8-25lbs/p/1531453 That's what I ended up getting.
  3. PhillyB

    What was your carry today?

    My only reasonably carry-able firearm, a FEG B9R chambered in 380ACP. 15 round mag, though for legal reasons I only put 7 in. Ammo is currently Colt SCHP, though I will carry my own handloaded ammo with a Hornady XTP. A bit hotter than the factory ammo, but still reliable.
  4. PhillyB

    What type of reloading press do you use?

    I use a 2 stage homemade press I got for $50 at a local gun store. Shell holders are held in place by set screws, which is really annoying if you reload more than 1 cartridge in one day. Gotta upgrade myself to a regular manufactured one at some point, but this may be my designated 38...
  5. PhillyB

    Acquiring Birdshot

    Sportsman's Warehouse is $3 less for 3 pounds more after shipping.
  6. PhillyB

    Acquiring Birdshot

    Thanks, checking it out now.
  7. PhillyB

    Contest - $50.00 gift card to the winner!

    First job was working at the local McDonald's, making NYS minimum wage at about $9/hr. In case you want to skip the essay: TLDR worked at McDonald's, not a bad job but crummy management. I learned the wonders of aftershave, that being the only thing that could get the smell of grease and fry...
  8. PhillyB

    Acquiring Birdshot

    Quick question, I wanna pick up some #8 or #7.5 shot for reloading some target 12 gauge. $50 or less is preferred. We have a Sportsman's Warehouse near where I live, but apparently they having "difficulties in the supply chain". Management is probably just being slow getting the paperwork...
  9. PhillyB

    Suitable substitues

    Hello all. I recently used up the last of my McClelland No 27 and Blackwoods, and while I'm sad to see them go I am happy to have had them in my cellar. My question is this: What tobacco would be a suitable substitute for my now discontinued favorite Virginias? It doesn't have to be an exact...
  10. PhillyB

    The SCORE! Post your acquisitions here

    Picked up a 12 gauge Winchester Ranger 120 for a whopping $175 at a local gun shop. Beautiful furniture, used but not abused. Came with the deer slug barrel and a box of Remington STS Light Target shells. There was an early 1900s Remington on the same rack for about the same price but WAY...
  11. PhillyB

    I made dis

    Got tired of not having a proper pipe ashtray. So I made one! $4 for a small (but weighty) ceramic bowl, I already had the cork, and some super glue. 15 minutes later, I put it through it's paces and emptied/cleaned ALL of my pipes.
  12. PhillyB

    Range Scroungers Anonymous

    I probably wouldn't trust rifle brass until I'd given it a thorough inspection. 38 Special and 380 Auto (which I reload) are generally idot proof.
  13. PhillyB

    10+ year old Orlik

    Too old for a date code apparently.
  14. PhillyB

    10+ year old Orlik

    Hey folks! Figured I'd share this moment. Got a sleeve of 3 Orlik tins about 5 years ago, and they were at least 5 years old already when I got them. Well, I just finished the first tin I opened (on the right) and opened the second (on the left). I gave one away as a prize on YouTube (back...