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Recent content by phelix

  1. phelix

    The Italian Job

    I have 2 bottles of the 400ml green af. That and the pre shave are in the daily routine. The preshave doesn't really improve my shave much but I love the eucalyptus and menthol on my face before I apply soap. I add SV Desert Vetiver to the mix and I'm a happy camper for sure.
  2. phelix

    Do you like 8 track tapes?

    I played the best of cream 8 track my brother handed down to me so many times it eventually broke. Damn I'm old.
  3. phelix

    FedEx is destroying its own brand and maybe more

    I've have a shavemac brush still pending delivery that sat in Germany for 2 weeks waiting for a ride to the US. Now it's been sitting in customs for the last 5 days with no answer as to when it will be released and on a truck. So far it's been about twice as long as the last shavemac I purchased...
  4. phelix

    Storing a Synthetic Brush?

    It is not an air tight medicine cabinet for sure but no different than any other I've encountered. Not sure why any rational human would put a damp brush in an air tight zip lock baggie.
  5. phelix

    Storing a Synthetic Brush?

    Funny, I put my synthetics in the med cabinet all the time directly after use with zero negative effects. I usually check the brush after a few hours and without exception the brushes are bone dry by then. Never a hint of mildew smell either.
  6. phelix

    Fav Artisan Soap Maker?

    Of the artisans soaps I've purchased : Murphy and McNeil Aon by a pretty wide margin Noble Otter B&M Stirling
  7. phelix

    What's your all-time favorite soap?

    As I stated on a different thread, I have some high quality croaps just collecting dust since my Desert Vetiver arrived. With every other new soap I've purchased, boredom sets in usually within a week and I end up reaching for something different for variety. I've had the SV for a month and used...
  8. phelix

    What's your soap for today?

    SV Desert Vetiver. I have a lot of quality croaps just sitting unused since I started using it. Really lived up to the hype, glad I finally pulled the trigger and ordered some.
  9. phelix

    How Long Did You Lurk?

    I had to go back to my sign up date to figure it out. I started with straights in the fall of 2014 and joined B&B in November of that year. I must have only viewed content as a none registered guest for a month or 2 tops.
  10. phelix

    Personna Platinum

    I did indeed get those on that river site in late March of this year. Alas, I see this item as currently unavailable at this time. I must have lucked out with the timing. Hopefully the seller will get more in stock at the same price point soon. The box on the left is what the new packaging looks...
  11. phelix

    Personna Platinum

    I would agree with this. The German platinums are indistinguishable from the Israelis and at $20/200 as opposed to $25+/100 for the original reds, it is a no brainer IMO.
  12. phelix

    how to remove soap buildup from razor head?

    For my timeless ti sb and oc I just run a pipe cleaner through the nooks and crannies. You can see the dried soap residue actually fly off the metal in a poof of dust. Seems to work well for me.
  13. phelix

    How much is too much?

    At the most basic level, I guess you would have to ask yourself whether the object once purchased and in your possession would elicit a positive reaction as opposed to feelings of regret.
  14. phelix

    No Dice! — On Contentment And Tracking Shaves

    And this is why I view B&B forums on a daily basis. Never heard of shave buddy until this thread, now I've ditched the silly dice in my medicine cabinet and can juggle blade usage among my 3 razors each of which uses a different blade (Spoiler, Israeli Red and Silver Star). Thanks for the very...
  15. phelix

    Pre shave products?

    I grabbed some proraso green to complete an order for free shipping from pastures. Would never replace a shower as a preshave activity and not really sure I would repurchase but I do notice a layer of sickness I don't normally see in my standard routine.
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