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  1. Pete

    Pinaud is not "Bay Rum"

    VIBR isn't a simple, single-note bay rum like Superior 70 or Captain's Choice, but to state it isn't a bay rum is like saying TOBS Victorian Limes isn't a lime cologne because of it's complexity. Truth is, very few aftershaves & colognes are truly a single-note fragrance. Sandalwood is a...
  2. Pete

    Win a Merkur HD Gold (34003) From Shavetools.com This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Without a doubt, these are two steals of the day: Erasmic Shaving Soap Bowl 75ml Proraso White Tea Tree and Oats (For Sensitive Skin) 150g I've never seen either of these bowls cheaper anywhere. Not on Amazon, not even on eBay.
  3. Pete

    Pocket Gun Suggestions

    Based on some of the suggestions in this thread, it's apparent that I need to buy new pants. Half of the suggestions aren't fitting in MY pockets, unless we're talking about coat pockets or cargo pants. +1 on the Ruger LCR if you're looking for a revolver. I own the .38 Special, which can...
  4. Pete

    Real unhappy about an Ebay Auction

    I agree with MrAstro. This is not a new in box item. We're talking about the sale of a USED item, where condition is valuation. In a sight unseen format, such as eBay, pics are critical. If the seller is depicting an item that differs from the actual item being sold, it's without a doubt...
  5. Pete

    Comfort foods of my youth

    Taylor Pork Roll. Tough to find if you're not in New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania. Great for breakfast on a crusty roll w/egg & cheese; Equally good for lunch or dinner without the egg.
  6. Pete

    TELL me your thoughts on a Seiko or Orient (divers watch)

    I own three Orients and three Seikos. I can't say that I strongly prefer one over the other, and I feel you'd be getting a lot of watch for the $ with either brand. If nothing else, I might say I find Orient a bit more interesting, only because they're not as common as Seiko. I bought the...
  7. Pete

    Watch Advice ...

    Orient Goldeneye - Automatic, Sapphire Crystal, 38.5mm Case Diameter (relatively small by today's standards), Arabic on the "12" and "6". Everything but the blue/blued hands. Listed for $315 on Orient's website, but they always have 30% off + Free Shipping promo codes floating around all the...
  8. Pete

    Thayer's Witch Hazel 12 OZ for $6.39

    This deal is superb! Just paid $33.60 for FOUR bottles of Proraso After Shave Splash!
  9. Pete

    Seiko 5 vs Invicta, blue

    Seiko, without question.... unless you want to trump everything and go with an Orient Blue Ray. Aesthetically comparable to the Invicta you're looking at, but superior in every way.
  10. Pete

    Orient Killed the 50% off codes.

    Sadly, I agree. Purchased a Blue Ray from them shortly after they were released. They sent me a black one by mistake. No big deal - I sent them an e-mail alerting them of the mistake, and they said they'd gladly do an even exchange as long as the watch I received was returned in the same...
  11. Pete

    It's Time for a New Wallet!

    Recently did the downsize thing, and found myself torn between the Big Skinny and the All-Ett. Decided to go with a leather Inside ID All-Ett, which should arrive later this week. Wel'll see.... I've also downloaded the Cardstar App for my Droid, so I no longer have to carry ANY of those...
  12. Pete

    Orient Watch Coupon Question

    Take the additional 50% off if you can find it. At least that way, you know what you're getting. I've placed two orders with the supposed "free watch" offer. Received a free watch with only one of the orders, and unfortunately it was a ladies watch. In my experience, Orient USA's customer...
  13. Pete


    Crocs for Men. Sold at any good womens clothing stores.:biggrin1:
  14. Pete

    Which Tissot should I get?

  15. Pete

    Coach Wallet

    The discount would have to be absurd for me to even consider it.