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    What was your first shaving cream?

    Proraso, back when Target carried their line. I have some of the red label Proraso pre shave and a tube of Bigelow on my counter today. I guess I still like the brand.
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    First Straight razor

    One of these bad boys is worth looking at - http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/488353-Dovo-Pearlex-No-Box-Specials-107 Certainly a good deal if you like the looks of the razor. For a strop, check out Whipped Dog's Poor Man Strop Kit for around $25. I wouldn't recommend anything too...
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    Black spots after 1st use

    I have a few black spots on the satin finished Hart Steel razor I got in December. I keep it in the cloth storage sheath that came with it and store it in a nightstand. Mango's explanation of alum may apply because I did try it a couple times to dry my fingers. Won't be doing that again. I...
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    Coticule PIF

    I'm in. I'd love to give one a shot.
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    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    My second straight razor and first vintage. Friodur Inox 72. These are the seller's pictures are are a bit overexposed - the scales are a few shades darker to my eyes. Waiting in my face to heal from a bad shave last night before I can try this out. https://m.imgur.com/a/eCHrf
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    And so it starts.

    I can see most places on my face by twisting and turning, except I haven't figure out the sideburn line yet. I stay away and get that spot with the DE still.
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    First Str8 shave, Not bad. Stropping, not so good.

    I started with the Poor Mans strop in December and I nicked the crap out of the edges in the first month. Not sure if it's that delicate or I was that bad. I know I struggled with the X stroke that's required on it. I also laid it flat a couple times because I was frustrated, but on the wooden...
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    And so it starts.

    That's a fancy looking razor! Have you picked out the next acquisition yet? I got my first straight for Christmas and I know I want a second but can't decide... And my wallet won't let me buy all the ones I want!
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    My Second Purchase - Not much info

    Kinfolks wasn't made by Case, per se. The folks that started Kinfolks were members of the Case family, along with a couple dozen other cutlery companies. It was its own company with its own factory. There's a couple videos on http://kinfolksinc.com/videos.htm that tells you some about the...
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    Looking for a first strop. Thoughts on this?

    I'm sure glad I got the Whipped Dog Poor Man's strop for my first strop a couple months ago. Knicked the hell out of it. Got a nicer one from Maggards now that I've done a lot better with.
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    Fine Accoutrements Soap

    I really like the Fine American Blend aftershave, so I'll be giving this one a shot, even though, like most of us, I have enough soaps to last forever. I signed up on the mailing list for the release a few weeks back. I may even throw in their brush because I'm getting curious about these...
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    Tabac - don't be afraid!

    I got it in January or February with the coupons. I like the soap a lot, the aftershave is ok, but I could have done without the cologne. And now I got 10oz of the stuff!
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    Maggard straight razors.

    Couple more tidbits from Brad on Reddit. More sizes and different ($$) scales to come. https://www.reddit.com/r/wicked_edge/comments/43jo05/maggards_officially_have_their_own_sr/cziy3an
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    JA Henckles Twin Works Graef & Schmidt Ivory Set

    Wow they don't even look like the same razors. Awesome find and awesome work!
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    i think i give up on straights

    I got myself a straight for Christmas. I've just been using it around every 3 days or so, and using my DE in between. And I'm just doing one pass when I do use it, and using the DE to smoothen things out a bit. This is helping me learn slower and not get so frustrated with it. I'm and lefty and...