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  1. pejay66

    Help with lathering using a synthetic without the "flood"

    I use synths when traveling. The gentle squeeze works for me as synths do not hold water as well as the real deal...
  2. pejay66

    Denver Newbie.

    Welcome to B&B.
  3. pejay66

    To much work ?

    I think this old beauty deserves the work you are putting into her.
  4. pejay66

    Newb question

    Welcome to B&B. Very good advice in the above posts...
  5. pejay66

    Help needed - bathing vs. showering

    I've never read a post on how to keep clean? My mom scrubbed us in the tub when little and all questions about be clean ended after that. I still am wondering about this post :w00t:
  6. pejay66

    How do you know when a blade is ready for the bin?

    For me I find my Voshkods need changing after seven shaves
  7. pejay66

    I made it!

  8. pejay66

    New Wet Shaver from the UK

    Welcome to B&B
  9. pejay66

    Cold Shaving Stinks

    Don't see any reason to do it.
  10. pejay66

    Hello from Long Island

    Welcome to B&B
  11. pejay66

    Thinking about diving in

    I did it for a while but over time working on keeping the blade sharp just ended my interest...
  12. pejay66

    Hi !

    Welcome to B&B
  13. pejay66

    1 week in, and I'm already buying stuff.

    It can be like an expensive Christmas morning every day. Suggestion, get one razor, a good set of blades, a creme, a boar brush, and practice, practice, practice. Then, when all is good, spend your money.
  14. pejay66

    Last night. me. creamo. ohhh.