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  1. pax238

    Best soap or cream for dry skin?

    There are a lot of good suggestions here. If, after you get your lathering technique down, you're looking for soaps that build a good, slick long lasting lather and have excellent post-shave conditioning, I would add a couple more. Cold River Soap Works (CRSW) and Shannon's both have great...
  2. pax238

    The best sandalwood scented soap

    I prefer the scent of CRSW sandalwood to AOS, and it's a great performer as well.
  3. pax238

    Best face lathering silver tip or equivalent of a silver tip

    +1 on contacting Rudy Vey. He's a real pro, and will work with you to create something that works for you. Other than a WD synthetic that I use for travel, I have sold off all my other brushes and only use 3 Rudy Vey silvertips, all fan shapes. 2 of them are older TGN knots and 1 is a Shavemac...
  4. pax238

    Anyone Here Ever Have an a Eureka! Moment?

    I'm doing the same with Cold River Soap Works (I've been using it for a couple of years now... it was love at first lather for me). In fact, yesterday I was wondering if I'll need anything else after 2016 is over, and *poof* Haslinger Schafmilch immediately popped right into my mind.
  5. pax238

    ~Pick ONE SOAP for the rest of your life~

    CRSW for me, but I'm not going to even try to narrow it down to a single scent.
  6. pax238

    Grating Soap Tools

    ^^^^ +1 on the rotary grater and freezing softer soaps.
  7. pax238

    Rudy Vey Custom Shaving Brushes and Restorations

    Rudy isn't just a master craftsman, he's a very patient man who offers great guidance and service as well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a custom brush.
  8. pax238

    Rudy Vey Custom Shaving Brushes and Restorations

    Well, Mr. Vey did it again! I sent him the first brush that I ever bought and asked him to duplicate it in a bigger version and transplant the TGN Silvertip knot. I also finally gave in to my Shavemac 2-band dream and Rudy made a Rover style brush in buffalo horn (inspired by another...
  9. pax238

    Mike's Natural Shaving Soap comments - Lime

    I also think that Mike's lime is a superb scent. If you're into combining scents, try a Harry Nillson special and... put the lime in the coconut and mix it all together, put the lime in the coconut and you'll feel better. I like a 3:1 ratio of Mike's coconut:Mike's lime.
  10. pax238

    The Great Blade Exchange

    I'll send: 2 Gillette Silver Blue 2 Gillette Nacet 2 Perma-Sharp Super For: 2 Kai 2 Iridium Super 1 vintage Personna (maybe 74) 1 vintage Wilkinson Sword Stainless unless 1 of the vintage blades counts for 2 (in which case Personna please)
  11. pax238

    For a Mild Shaver , Have you found better than Feather AS-D2 ?

    Cksnffr... I used a stock AS-D2 as my daily driver for some time. Then, in an effort to increase the level of efficiency a little, I paired it with a (heavier) Maggard MR5 handle, and then started to use a shim as well. I have a Wolfman SB-1 on order (and James tells me that it won't be long...
  12. pax238

    You get ONE artisan line and ONE factory line for the rest of your life.

    Artisan: Cold River Soap Works Factory: Haslinger
  13. pax238

    Lathering Tips for Mike's?

    Another option that works well for me with Mike's is to create a shave stick out of it. I rub it directly on my beard and face lather.
  14. pax238

    WTTF Gillette Nacets

    I just read this again and think I need to clarify (for some reason I can't edit the original post). I'm open to sending you a combination of the three blades I've listed, but would prefer not to send you more than 30 of any kind in the "mix". For example, you could propose up to 30 Perma-Sharp...
  15. pax238

    WTTF Gillette Nacets

    I'm looking to trade for 50 Gillette Nacets. I have three different blades to offer (up to a max of 30 for any one of them) for you to propose a "mix and match" offer that seems fair to you. In order to give you an idea of relative value of the blades (and to comply with the terms of the GDF)...