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Recent content by pauls51

  1. pauls51

    Tips on organizing collection

    Following! I look forward to browsing your works!
  2. pauls51

    What's your workout today?

    Enjoying it and am awaiting the dreaded stall on my overhead press. Luckily I've purchased fractional plates and failing that, a deload of 10% will be in order.
  3. pauls51

    What's your workout today?

    On my fourth week of starting strength at my home gym Squats Benchpress Deadlift
  4. pauls51

    Watch Ya Wearing

    My trusty No65 B&B by Bernhardt
  5. pauls51

    How did you come here?

    Back in 09, I got sick of the overpriced P&G equipment and was on mission to seek a sustainable alternative that was cheaper. Stumbled across B&B and boy was I wrong!!!
  6. pauls51

    Which is best for a first timer: Vintage vs New

    Both will yield very satisfying results. Can't go wrong with a 34HD, However, there is something about using a razor that is closing in on 100 years old that gives you the chills!
  7. pauls51

    A quick head count

    Have returned again :) Melbourne Vic
  8. pauls51

    Newb to DE shaving and glad to be on the forum

    Welcome aboard! And what an awesome combo too.
  9. pauls51

    New wet shaver

    Welcome to B&B. Yes you are right as you become more competent the shaves become a whole lot more comfortable and satisfying.
  10. pauls51

    Shave Soap/Cream Expiration

    I wouldn't be worried at all. I've got a 20 year old Palmolive stick that I occasionally use still!
  11. pauls51

    have just started to use a straight razor

    Has it got any distinguishing marks? I'm with Alex, we need to see pictures!
  12. pauls51

    Newbie in New Jersey Checking In..

    Welcome aboard mate!
  13. pauls51

    Greetings to All Badger and Blade Members!

    Welcome to B&B Alexis!
  14. pauls51

    Hello B&B, Another Enthusiastic Newbie Checking In

    Welcome aboard. Looks like you're off to a flying start!
  15. pauls51

    Overheard shaving conversation

    I personally don't mind whether wet-shaving makes a serious comeback or not. Maybe I'm selfish, but I'd hate to see what would happen if Procter & Gamble started to target this niche.
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