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    Covering up a nick?

    Ask your wife/gf for some of her coverup...
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    Which shaving creams would you choose to be in the ULTIMATE cream poll?

    How could you not include Acqua di Parma and Penhaligon's? The only downside is the price, but as far as quality goes if you want "ULTIMATE"... Very fine creams.
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    Canadian wet shaving supply source?

    I just received an order from Rasage Poulin today - took about 3 days to MB. I'm really glad he added Speick and Trumpers to his lineup (wish he had the tubs of Trumpers though). Great service and lots of samples of the box! I've also ordered from Fendrihan's - nothing to complain about...
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    General moisturizer

    You can't beat Keri lotion for that IMO.
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    Custom D01 Shavemac - 20% off, 3 knot sizes, 3 handle choices, 3 colors, engraving

    I couldn't resist. Ordered the Style 1, Black, 19mm Fan. This should complement my Shavemac D01 23mm Bulb shape that I purchased back in early January. It's been fantastic, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have a smaller fan brush for soaps, and at this price it's about $60 less than I spent...
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    Which TI ? Le Grelot or a Sheffield Silver Steel ?

    I picked up a 1/4 grind Le Grelot from rasurpur based on all the good comments and recommendations here. I'm just a newbie (one week of shaving with it so far), but I'm very pleased with it. I actually did two passes yesterday and got a fine shave - not BBS yet of course, but a DFS (I'm learning...
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    AS Splash AND Balm

    I'm just a newbie, but I've really been liking Speick AS and then following with The Gentlemens Refinery Unscented ASB. Just a single pump and working it in really well. Best combo I've found so far.
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    Any Canadians buy Tony Miller strop?

    I just received an Heirloom 3" strop and 4 sided paddle strop the other day. No duty (made in USA), but of course I had to pay GST & PST + $8 to Canada Post for the brokerage. Arrived very quickly in perfect shape. A real work of art actually. Tony is a straight shooter and a gentleman IMHO...
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    Discontinuing Shipping to Canada

    Too bad! I've really appreciated your service. You carry a lot of products that I can't get up here...
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