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  1. paladin252

    Who is your favorite artisan maker based on both scent and performance?

    soap commander barrister and mann
  2. paladin252

    Soap Commander Thanksliving

    it smells like pumpkin pie in the jar, when you lather it smells like apple pie. its amazingly good.
  3. paladin252

    i would like to get some opinions

    you can always use a previously used tech for cheap, but you can never make it NOS again.
  4. paladin252

    Vote for your favourite blade

    Voskhod Teflon Coated.
  5. paladin252

    Best Blades

    rapira super stainless.
  6. paladin252

    July 4 1976 Williams soap

    i hear there was also a williams soap that had a rose scent to it as well. i have a menthol williams as well, but no scent here either.
  7. paladin252

    Williams Shaving Soap

    +1 If you get poor results with williams, feel free to mail it to me. its my daily soap, thick lovely lather.
  8. paladin252

    Soap and mug - leave the cake in the mug?

    I use williams every day. i leave the soap in the mug and just pour out any leftover water. after my shave, i squeeze all of the extra lather out of my brush and put it back in the mug as well. let it air dry and get ready for the next day.
  9. paladin252

    Review by '' on item 'Williams shaving soap'

    This was the first soap i ever purchased to test lather. i quickly found that VDH and Arko and creams were much thicker, but after awhile i came back to try Williams again, and found the sweet spot. it lathers up like crazy, maybe not as luxurious as others, but its so slick, i don't care. i...
  10. paladin252

    To Tallow or not to Tallow. Which is it?

    i like tallow triple milled soaps. tallow because i find it is more slick and i can get a closer shave with it without any irritation. triple milled because i like a nice hard soap that will last a long time.
  11. paladin252

    What's your Favorite Shaving soap or cream?

    Williams Mug Shaving Soap. Addicted to the smell, and nothing is more slick on my face. True, its not a big thick lather, but slickness is what matters, and it works well. I've never had a closer shave than with this cheap wonder soap.
  12. paladin252

    Which of these methods is most common to your routine?

    i think you are probably right, look at old pictures and they have the shaving mug full of lather, even the cover of williams has it. that is how i started because i thought that was how i should do it, but i have found your much hated williams to work so well for me face lathering, i get easily...
  13. paladin252

    What was your first car? Would you ever want another one?

    1985 plymouth horizon. heck yeah. still looking for another one.
  14. paladin252

    Brazilian creams (and soaps and ***)

    up in the northeast of brazil, all i could find was laser and wilk blades. the wilkinson swords were made in brazil, the laser were not. for creams all i found was gillette, bozzano and nivea.