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    Newbie upgraded to a Rockwell 6C

    yeah only switched out blade twice and noticed blade gap was different on both sides and noticed it wasnt tight all the way. so my handle just started spinning amd wont tighten down all the way. had 3 shaves out of it. me and the vendor i bought from has contacted rockwell. just waiting on reply
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    Macduff’s Monthly Blade Review: Permasharp Super

    yeah wth!! man this is smoothest blade i found so far lol. in my merkur 23c its crqzy how smooth it is lol. i dont see what going on in this review lmao. maybe ur rqzor combo. i just got the 6c and will try it out in that soon but do t see why it wouldnt be smooth. hmmm.....
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    Merkur 34C vs. Fine Marvel?

    none of those. i guess i gotta order some packs of those and see what happens. well i have wilkinsin but those did not work for me in my merkur. unless ur talking about gillette ones
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    Fine "Marvel" Razor

    im having trouble. only perna sharp worked fine for me. too aggressive for me.
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    Merkur 34C vs. Fine Marvel?

    ive had it since beggining of october and out of the ten blades used, i only could get the perma sharp to give me some what nick free shave or irratation free. if ur face can take more then most i think be fine. it gets close shave but i keep going back to merkur 23c. not as close but way more...
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    Fine "Marvel" Razor

    i put a perma-sharp in the fine and works like a fricken charm. i wasnt having much luck with few other blades in it though
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    Perma-Sharp Super - A Review

    are the permasharp generaly good blades? its the 4th blade i was trying out on my new fine marvel razor and had no luck with the others( shark super stainless, polsilver, ladas) which gave some pulling, cuts and irratation and the permasharp were the ones. its sharp and sooo smooth. gave me one...
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    Stirling Orange Chill Review

    i just used my tub for first time. had a dample and loved it. used some arkadia aftershave. nice orange and earth scent. not as strong as my gentleman or ozark. around same strength as sharp dressed man. no burn either.
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    It is autumn, so that means it's time for Ozark Mountain!

    how is this one. i was thinking about getting the balm. how would u describe it
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    The Stirling Syndicate

    i just got my ozark, arkadia and gentleman in after trying the sample soaps. also got orange chill soap. man jist tried the ozark and it was awesome. love that smell. it burned real good. for few minutes too but got a real good refreshing feeling after. gentleman smells good too. tobacco...
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    It is autumn, so that means it's time for Ozark Mountain!

    just got my ozark aftershave in to pair with my soap. holy it burned real good for few mi utes. longer than anything i have. but after burn wore off, it left a dam good refeeshing feeling lol. smell is awesome too.
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    Fine "Marvel" Razor

    second shave went good. only half nicks this time but were my previous cuts and bumps that opened. but didnt even have to use stiptic. just weepers i guess. didnt so much go atg in neck area. waiting for face to fully recover from my ****ty shave other day. absolutly no irratation this time...
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    Fine "Marvel" Razor

    i just got mine in. did one shave so far with a blade that worked best for me in my other razor which is merkur 23c. i only had that one untill now and still learning. im pretty sure i didnt pay attention to my angle and just went for it. bad mistake. once i got to my against the grain pass, i...
  14. stirling soap and aftershave. fine marvel

    stirling soap and aftershave. fine marvel

    20181025_121211 by P.w.gus posted Oct 25, 2018 at 12:41 PM
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