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    FS Rooney 2Xl 2-Band Heritage

    Single owner, never shed a hair. Excellent+ condition. Bought from Vinatge Blades in March of 2012; used about once every 60 days or so. Not used at all in the 9-12 months so better to let someone else enjoy it. Includes original box etc. $225 shipped CONUS. Paypal only please. I may...
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    June 2019 Challenge: Coils, Curves and Helixes

    #3 for me as well.
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    FS NOS Floid Blue +

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    FS NOS Floid Blue +

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS Hi, I've started wearing more EDTs and and I am limiting/eliminating my AS with scent. I have a NOS full unopened 400ml bottle of Floid Blue and a partial, with I think conservatively 20%+ remaining. Not made for a very long time, this is the ORIGINAL, I bought three...
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    No show socks

    Had my best luck with Polo.
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    May 2019 Challenge: Repetition

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    Tobacquisitions- May 2019

    The Mrs. Moe and I just spent a couple days in KC. I like to walk through Diebel's in Country Club Plaza. I usually pick up a cigar or two and check out the pipe tobacco. I'm not sure how many times I pinched myself.........
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    May 2019 Challenge: Repetition

    #9 gets my vote this month.
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    WTB Vitos Cream Sample

    Do you mean the Eucalyptus & Tallow version?
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    thrift store finds

    Love when I have time to make goodwill runs. Have found some very nice clothes. Occasionally find new/with tags.
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    May 2019 Challenge: Repetition

    Going back through tomorrow from EWR. Then DFW and back Thr/Fri. Seems airports are getting too familiar this year :-(
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    Photo of the Day

    Love all these. @troy you always have such great close up/macro shots.
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    May 2019 Challenge: Repetition

    Too much travel to get out, so another airport cellphone shot for this month.
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    April 2019 Challenge: Self-Portrait

    My vote this month is for #7