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  1. orchestrion

    What Hair Products Did You Use Today?

    Rockin the Suavecito today. I use a blend of that and Groom & Clean on "off" days to make my normal grease (Schmiere Mittel) easier to wash out.
  2. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    New Belgium Ranger and Shift. Gotta love finals week.
  3. orchestrion

    Deodorant .which one and why

    I'll throw another vote in for a deodorant crystal. Propylene Glycol irritates my pits like one other and the stick works great. It doesn't help much with sweating but I more or less embrace the inevitability of the sweat, especially now that it' getting warmer.
  4. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Schlafly Yakima Wheat. Go Blues!
  5. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    A local brewery's hoppy wheat beer, seasonal and delicious. From a growler. Not a St. Louis beer but I'm wearing my Blues jersey so it all evens out. :001_tt2:
  6. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Thanks for the congratulations everyone! I had a couple Schlafly Summer Lagers tonight to try to give the Blues some luck...a lot of good that did! Excellent beer though.
  7. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Drinking a Goose Island BCBS to celebrate getting a bartending job at a local craft beer bar. Exciting day for this college kid. I'm also getting this evil Chicago beer out of my fridge before the Blues (hopefully) beat the Blackhawks tomorrow! Edit: My subconscious took over and I typed...
  8. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Anchor IPA. Awesome label artwork as usual with them. Solid IPA as well, I'm glad they're offering one now.
  9. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    A local place (about half a block from my house!) tapped a "Mayan Stout" a few hours ago. A stout with cocoa beans, cinnamon, vanilla, and cayenne pepper. It tasted like spicy hot chocolate...interesting and delicious!
  10. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout. An incredible beer from an incredible brewery. These guys don't get enough love.
  11. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Founders Imperial Stout. Getting myself back into stout gear after countless IPAs, lagers, and random homebrews I've been drinking over the last couple months. I've got a bottle of KBS burning a whole in my fridge too!
  12. orchestrion

    What are you brewing?

    Yesterday I bottled a test batch of beer that I'm hoping to scale up and keg for some friends' wedding this summer. Wheat beer that I left in the primary for one week, then pressed/squeezed the juice out of some watermelon and racked it into a secondary with the watermelon juice for a week. The...
  13. orchestrion

    Pre de Provence

    I agree! The PdP balm is one of the few balms that I used exclusively until it was gone. It left my face very soft and moisturized!
  14. orchestrion

    Best beer ever!

    A Dale's Pale Ale after hiking ~20 miles in panic mode to evacuate around 100 campers from some New Mexico mountains in a race with a forest fire.
  15. orchestrion

    New Belgium La Folie Sour Beer

    La Folie is really, really good. It's pricey, but it's an accessible sour beer. I was lucky enough to try some aging La Folie out of one of the foedors in the brewery on a tour. They put a lot of work into making that beer.