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  1. olps

    Nikon D3000

    I just picked one up and it's a great starter camera as within the menus and on the screens it gives lots of helpful information; in fact, when you're on any menu item or function there's a button that if pushed will tell you what it does! Otherwise, I find if you already know a fair bit about...
  2. olps

    classic/sports daily driver

    I think I've fallen in love... http://autocatch.com/used-cars/1965~ford~mustang~165625.htm too bad it's likely far out of my price range. Are parts for Midgets hard to come by? There are a few shops around the city that do work on MGs, Triumphs, and even Alfa Romeos and Fiats, so I'm not too...
  3. olps

    classic/sports daily driver

    Wow, lots of people voting for a miata. I never fully understood why some call them 'girly'?
  4. olps

    classic/sports daily driver

    hmmm, very good point. Something like that (especially electric) would definitely be an issue as a daily driver.
  5. olps

    classic/sports daily driver

    My current vehicle is a rough and ready 4 wheeler; great in the winter, but I'd like something with more finesse for the summer. As for cost, I'd like to keep it under 10 thousand. Sprites are wonderful, but a midget would have to do :tongue_sm I'm quite partial to English cars too. Anyone have...
  6. olps

    classic/sports daily driver

    Why hello all, I'm not too much of a car guy (I enjoy cars and how they work, but don't know a whole lot, although I've slowly been learning), so I could use some advice. I've been contemplating buying a little sports car to use as a summer 'daily driver'- it wouldn't be used for groceries or...
  7. olps

    Cold Steel knives

    Thanks for the knife recommendations fellows. My other knife is a Buck Mayo that I received as a present- I lucked out on it; since then pocket knives have interested me. Here's the Caledonian that's caught my eye. Any advice for picking knives online? There aren't many places that I know of...
  8. olps

    Cold Steel knives

    What I'm looking for in the knife is general, but light, use. Nothing for camping or survival. I'm also interested in an interesting blade/folder- like the ones mentioned (caledonian and spectre)- nothing too fancy, but just a good quality knife overall that still has a interesting design...
  9. olps

    Cold Steel knives

    What would be some other knives/companies to look at then? Thanks.
  10. olps

    Cold Steel knives

    Well, I've been thinking of picking up a new pocket knife, and a few knives made by Cold Steel have caught my eye. Anybody have experience with them or can attest to their quality? The two main ones I'm thinking of buying are the Caledonian and the Spectre (I should say I'm trying to decide...
  11. olps

    Any Pelikan Owners Here

    I have a Pelikan m200 medium myself. Great pen; I got it from Richard Binder.
  12. olps

    Lapping a Chinese 12K

    From when I looked into one for my own Chinese 12K (I actually just ended up using sandpaper) I recall the shipping was quite high. Fendrihan might be a good option: http://www.fendrihan.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=dmt&x=0&y=0 Although they have the course, they don't have the extra...
  13. olps

    norton SiC lapping stone

    For those of you using the Norton flattening stone, how often do you lap it? I use my Nortons for kitchen and pocket knives, so I have to lap it often enough with it's sister stone (the Norton flattening stone). How long does it take before needing to be lapped (relative to it's use of course)...
  14. olps

    "The Best......" Piano player.

    Glenn Gould!
  15. olps


    Thanks for the tip on the long neck. If anyone was curious I was thinking something along these lines (under the collar, not over like a more standard sort of tie):