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    There are good blades that work pretty well for most people and there are bad blades that really only exist to serve the most economically deprived (hence they won’t be going away just because we don’t like them). Then there are great blades, Feather is a great blade. As others have pointed...
  2. OldSaw

    Spent The Week With An Old Friend - EJ DE89

    I really don’t even have much of a rotation anymore. It’s pretty much the DE89 every time when I’m at home and a 40’s SS on the road. Maybe I should just buy another 89 for my truck.
  3. OldSaw

    Bulk Tea, Safety

    As I was reading reviews there were some reviewers who pointed out that some teas that have the word organic in their name or claim to be organic are not certified organic. Then others said that there was a heavy metal concern for tea from certain regions, etc. So here I am asking a group of...
  4. OldSaw

    Bulk Tea, Safety

    I bought her one of these steeping cups for her upcoming birthday and wanted to increase her tea experience with leafier bulk tea.
  5. OldSaw

    Bulk Tea, Safety

    Here’s what I found in her canisters on the countertop. I think she uses that Rooibos a lot.
  6. OldSaw

    mitchells wool fat first use

    OK, so Ive tried about 23,597 different shave soaps, completely finished well over 15,000 pucks, and still have about 30,000-40,000 unused pucks just lying about (it’s not easy finding storage for that many shave soaps). After all that, MWF and Tabac are my top two soaps. Alright, I may have...
  7. OldSaw

    No more buying razors.... Henson???

    Hmmm... this Henson thing has merit. The aluminum sounds a bit on the light side but is priced right. I like the thought of the titanium, but that’s a hefty price.
  8. OldSaw

    Bulk Tea, Safety

    I want to buy some bulk tea leaves for my wife. However, I am fairly clueless and the little bit of digging that I have done has me worried about things like heavy metals and poisonous pesticides. So how do I know if a supplier is providing a safe product? What are the watch outs and tell tale...
  9. OldSaw

    22 Year Sabbatical Took a Day Off to Celebrate with Hennessy XO

    Got it at Costco. They keep them locked up.
  10. OldSaw

    Dash cams

    I have a Garmin 45 dash cam in my semi truck. Per my insurance advisor I have the audio and speed indicator turned off. I like mine and use it mostly for capturing wildlife crossing in front of me and thankfully haven’t had any reportable traffic incidents yet. From what I have read, night...
  11. OldSaw

    Long Break, Getting Back On Track

    I haven’t been around much since last summer. As I have been wont to do around here these past 15 years, I occasionally take a several month break from B&B and then reappear as though I never left. Well this time I have lifelong dream come true news. Mrs. OldSaw and I have had a summer home in...
  12. OldSaw

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    Everything... New house, new kitchen, all new appliances. I don’t even know how to work all this stuff yet. Way too many bells and whistles to learn in a day. Absolutely love the induction cooktop, though. It leaves my old gas range in the dust and I don’t even want to talk about the old coil...
  13. OldSaw

    Nicks Builder Pro Boots Break-in Log

    I‘ll post an update when they arrive. I currently have a pair of military tanker boots and like the look. However, as with many things in the way of military uniforms, they don‘t fit the best and even with expensive insoles my feet still get sore. I wear them primarily for the look and for...
  14. OldSaw

    22 Year Sabbatical Took a Day Off to Celebrate with Hennessy XO

    After a 22 year drinking sabbatical I celebrated moving in to our new home with some Hennessy XO cognac, recently. Shared with my wife, brother, and neighbor. It was incredibly smooth and I enjoyed it very much. However, at $164 a bottle it was pretty easy to get back on the sabbatical.
  15. OldSaw

    Nicks Builder Pro Boots Break-in Log

    Got a pair of TankerPro boots on order. Not a good image, I know, but they took it down last week. It is a limited run of only 50 pairs. I saw the email the day before preordering closed and quickly got my order in.
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