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    Thought the blade was done after 6

    Yesterday finished my second shave with a Feather blade in my Krona. Stubble left all over my face and I polished as long as possible, Those blades are just the opposite of a long laster. I think that they even lose their sharpness sitting in my shave supply drawer.
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    Thought the blade was done after 6

    I am rather new to this forum and 86 years old so I have been wet shaving for a long time. Many years ago I bought $20 worth of a new Schick disposable that I tried that cost 50 cents for a bag of 5. I loved those razors. One day I noticed that I had shaved for over 2 weeks with the same...
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    Why would i want a stainless steel razor?

    I'm sorry. I must be having a senior moment (86). I tried to find any references in old literature to SS and failed. I tried looking for some words on my Futur and only succeeded in dropping it and cutting my thumb badly when I grabbed for it.
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    Why would i want a stainless steel razor?

    I don't know if there are other Futurs, but mine is definitely stainless steel. It said so in the ad, packaging and on another site where I post.
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    Why would i want a stainless steel razor?

    Each model razor has a personality of its own. One of my favorites is a polished stainless steel Merkur Futur. It takes a lot of learning to use, but once it is mastered it shaves reliably and closely. Controlling the extreme weight allows a very precise feel to a shave. Not at all like my...
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    A few heretic truths about DE shaving

    I don't think DE shaving can be described as heretical. I am almost 86 and have used every shaving method there is. My current preference is to shave with a Schick Hydro 5 for all three passes and a polish; then grab a DE razor with a good blade and polish to bbs. Works fine; works fast; no...
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    WTB: Pricne Matchebelli "New Musk" Aftershave

    I am using up my bottle of New Musk and when I went to to get more, it was out of stock. Can't find it anywhere. I'll pay up to $15 for a nearly full bottle.
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    Bay rum

    I snagged a bottle of 1878 Yardley Old English lavender water on ebay. It is now in my curio cabinet. If yours is a true antique, maybe you should consider doing the same. Mine came in a wicker covered bottle with a lead foil protective cove over the cork. I can smell the scent right through...
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    Finally found my right combo!

    I've read that blade is inferior to the yellow
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    Just when you thought you had a nick free shave, OUCH!

    I usually shave nick free, but just like you I sometimes get careless. I am 85 and my skin is loose, so sometimes the razor can push up a fold and cut it. Feather blades are the worst for this. If I want to get a fast shave, I switch to a Schick Hydro Edge or Gillette Fusion or even a BIC...
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    Finally found my right combo!

    I'm pretty sure that the main reason for improved shaves is your new blades, if they were the yellow box version from P&G in St. Petersburg, Russia. That is a very good blade. There are two others from that plant that are also excellent. They are the Iridium Supers, and the Polsilvers. As...
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    Little Help with Tarnished Silver?

    I use Maas metal polish for that job.
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    Bay Rum Collection

    I forgot to mention Superior 70. It is a high alcohol bay rum with the truest bay flavor I have.
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    Bay Rum Collection

    My collection includes 2 from barber supply houses: Master Well Comb, and Stephens. I also like Pinaud St. John's but my women hate it. They say I smell like pumpkin pie. My favorite is Krampert's Finest accadian spice.
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    TOBS Jermyn Street Collection

    After reading about this scent I was curious and bought a jar. It is a little weird sort of fern but it shaves very well. Rich giving lather. In the jar I have to be careful to remember it is cream, not soap. Easy to use too much. Of course, I get so much lather then that I just squeeze the...