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Recent content by old_school

  1. old_school

    Pursuit of the perfect shave soap. What's your experience?

    I hope passarounds can resume, at least among the willing at some point soon. That is my single most important fork in traveling The Soap Road (thank you @dfoulk). Paying keen attention to forum posts, learning how some ingredients contribute (or degrade) your shave is a turning point in soap...
  2. old_school

    Recommend a Brush

    Might peruse this little thread about the Mistura. Recently picked up a Duke 2 in Best. A dense little 21x44 with good backbone and a pleasant face feel. Either the Mistura or Duke 2 would be different but fine keepers to learn something about natural hair. Personally I'd go Mistura first...
  3. old_school

    Just shaved off my goatee .... now some trouble with weepers.

    Adam18, maybe your skin is 12yo all over again!
  4. old_school

    New razor handle and a TIG back cap

    Thank you, I will try that. I'm just learning to TIG, reminds of my teens with an O2/C2H2 torch. But better control, more versatile less HAZ. Ditto on your beautiful work!
  5. old_school

    New razor handle and a TIG back cap

    Dang, what do you do to grind your electrodes so perfect, or is it new?
  6. old_school

    How Disappointing To You Is A Soap You're Not Happy With The Scent of?

    I'm looking for some research on that. Stay tuned...
  7. old_school

    How Disappointing To You Is A Soap You're Not Happy With The Scent of?

    Approximately 75% to 90%. But only to those who think it smells like a urinal cake.
  8. old_school

    The Most Expensive Brush You Own?

    Lots of mossbacks here shaved with drug/grocery store boars for decades. Your brush a luxurious delight considered by many top of the line in a boar. Well done and enjoy!
  9. old_school

    How Disappointing To You Is A Soap You're Not Happy With The Scent of?

    I'm not a picky eater, and I love Tabac, Arko, Williams, Cella, whatever as long as it's a good shave. Bet there's a connection. Will Rogers said "I never met a man I didn't like". I'm not so forgiving. But "I never met a potato I didn't like" is mine.
  10. old_school

    The Most Expensive Brush You Own?

    nuthin fancy...
  11. old_school

    Finally snagged a Zenith Manchurian, opinion coming soon.

    Seem like really nice brushes but can't seem to find any in the 24mm and down catagory. Any pointers?
  12. old_school

    What was the biggest shaving game changer for you personally?

    The one single thing? A good blade.
  13. old_school

    Problems with Badger

    You have a perfectly fine 2-Band brush. It will likely not have the scrub of your boar. If you are looking for scrub and prickle then we can talk about that later. Let's get you with some lathering goodness. Sneek up on hydration. Only wet the tips of your brush as needed. Start by...
  14. old_school

    I consider upgrading to a good quality badger brush,opinions needed...

    SOC Butterscotch or Taj or Cherry or Ash or Torga C5 or Torga C3 or Galahad C3...
  15. old_school

    Where does the scritch go?

    Yes there is, I think Pure will always have some prickle to it. I hope mine do, that's why they're in the mix. Acquiring a Simpson Pure expecting one day to wind up with a Super would be a waste of time and money. But it can break-in and soften over time.
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