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  1. Old Hippie

    Shave hunt - on vintage safari 4700 miles

    Yeah, I've done that. Discovered I *had* been in Kansas. Got shots and it cleared right up. O.H.
  2. Old Hippie

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    SOTD: Wednesday August 5, 2020 Razor: Blackland Sabre L2 Blade: PTFE (2) Soap: Proraso Green While thrashing around under the sink looking for something else I found a tub of Proraso green that I'd barely started some time back. Since I was holding it anyway I set it on the counter and used...
  3. Old Hippie

    Good old Toilet Paper

    I saw the thread title and thought, "Great. Just great. Somebody's collecting vintage toilet paper now. I don't need another rabbit hole." O.H.
  4. Old Hippie

    What Do You Now Mainly Shave With?

    My only DEs are slants, and at the moment I have three: Merkur 37, RR Wunderbar and ATT S2. I have SE Gem and Gemish razors from the Gem Jr. Bar to the Blackland Sabre with L1 and L2 plates. I have SE AC razors: ATT SE1/SE2, RR Hawk V3SB/V3OC. I don't use injectors. Got enough rabbits to...
  5. Old Hippie

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    SOTD: Monday August 3, 2020 Razor: Blackland Sabre L2 Blade: Personna Stainless PTFE (1) Soap: OH Puck! As promised: "Double-clutch, blip the throttle, and shift 'er into L2." I got what I was hoping for. Let's just appreciate that for a second. I liked how the L1 plate made the very first...
  6. Old Hippie

    Hoarding the good towels?

    No. You are on the precipice of a major disagreement when she figures that out. :yikes: Over the years as various elder relatives have moved or Gone West, I've grabbed a large number of towels, washcloths, hand towels, etc. I keep a pile of them in the Shave Cave, and use them happily. My wife...
  7. Old Hippie

    Cleaning the sink after shaving

    Yeah...shave soap tends to leave a little crud behind. On skin that's "residual slickness." In the sink that's "Can't you ever get anything CLEAN?" I tend to spritz a little Vim in the sink in the Shave Cave every two or three weeks. Or Ajax/Comet if I'm too lazy to walk out to the kitchen and...
  8. Old Hippie

    Blackland Vector vs Sabre (looking for info on Sabre before buying)

    It IS a tough call, no mistake. Even if you're planning to try it on for size, that's still a certain amount of money you have to dedicate to it. I'm sure we've all had experience with purchasing things that didn't work out the way we hoped. But let me say that I'm really, really glad I took...
  9. Old Hippie

    A little discomfort for a super close shave?

    I really hate it when I find myself gritting my teeth and powering through a shave that just doesn't feel good. Oh, I'll DO it sometimes -- my Kampfe Star lather catcher is fairly smooth WTG but is a real whistling bearcat XTG and ATG. If I use that LC I generally only do WTG then shift to a...
  10. Old Hippie

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    SOTD: Friday July 31, 2020 Razor: Blackland Sabre L1 Blade: PTFE (7) Soap: OH Puck! I'll set up another portrait this weekend when I give this thing a deep clean preparatory to changing to the L2 plate for Monday. In the meantime, I think I've finally gone "past the edge" on this blade...
  11. Old Hippie

    I want to upgrade from Merkur 34C

    Well, I'll be honest and say I don't really like "regular" DE razors all that much. I like the quirky, the oddball, the "let's-try-this-and-see-what-happens." Oh, nothing AGAINST regular DEs! Just I prefer to spend my time with other razors. You mention a "learning curve" with the Merkur 37C...
  12. Old Hippie

    Wanton destruction

    Yup. Just like anything about shaving; so many variables, so little control. So we worship at the altar of YMMV. I went into slants because I was swearing off regular DEs. Kind of amusing. I believe I understood the point of your experiment: that adding slant geometry to an existing DE might...
  13. Old Hippie

    Tasting Cella?

    The funny thing is: those of us who MAKE hot process soap taste it all the time. Well, not "taste" for taste, but do what's called "The Zap Test" to see if all the lye has been neutralized. If it "zaps" like touching your tongue to a nine-volt battery, it ain't done yet. Ptoo...red cedar. O.H.
  14. Old Hippie

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    SOTD: Wednesday July 29, 2020 Razor: Blackland Sabre L1 Blade: Gem PTFE (6) Soap: OH Puck! Looking back, it's been a while since I posted six head shaves on a Gem blade. I have gotten as high as 10, if I remember correctly, but that was really a couple more than the blade could deliver in the...
  15. Old Hippie

    Wanton destruction

    I've been collecting things for a while. There are a lot of different phases. Look at vintage cars and motorcycles -- some people restore them showroom new, others customize, others make a rat rod or rat bike out of it. Old aircraft, specifically military aircraft from WWII, ruled the unlimited...