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  1. octoserge

    FT WTS: Shavemac and Heritage Gel brushes

    Last chance price drop on the Heritage brush to $70 shipped. I will happily send it back to my den if no takers.
  2. octoserge

    FT WTS: Shavemac and Heritage Gel brushes

    If I wasn’t selling it, I would buy it! [emoji23] It’s a sick, ridiculously good brush.
  3. octoserge

    FT WTS: Shavemac and Heritage Gel brushes

    Shavemac is SOLD! Don’t let that Heritage slip away; it’s really a splendid brush and the handle is an ergonomic treat
  4. octoserge

    FT WTS: Shavemac and Heritage Gel brushes

    Selling the following brushes; great performers with no issues (all prices include shipping, CONUS only): 1. Shavemac Silvertip brush (25x51mm) - my price: $48 2. Heritage Gel tipped brush (26x51mm) - my price: $75
  5. octoserge

    WTS/T: AP Gelousy brush

  6. octoserge

    WTS/T: AP Gelousy brush

    Price drop to $40 shipped.
  7. octoserge

    WTS/T: AP Gelousy brush

    Looking to trade this APShaveCo Gelousy fan brush in faux horn beehive handle for a bulb shape badger shaving brush (I use bulbs more these days). This knot measures 27x48 by my calipers and is as luxurious as people have been saying, while this loft produces great backbone. Retail on this I...
  8. octoserge

    Favorite Fall Soaps

    1. Stirling Gatlinburg (far and away the best Fall scent IMHO) 2. Mikes Rose Patchouli Cedarwood 3. Baker Street (Stirling or SS)
  9. octoserge

    Just how efficient is the most efficient Tatara?

    IMHO, the Tatara Nodachi SB is smoother and more efficient than the Nodachi OC. If the Muhle R41 is a 10/10 on the efficiency scale(which it is IMO), then I’d put the Nodachi SB at about 9.1. After that in third place for efficiency, I’d put the Swing Sweden DE razor at an 8.2. Efficiency falls...
  10. octoserge

    FS CG Stainless, Tatara, Rex Envoy & Sebum AS/Soaps

    Nice gear. Amazing price on that Nodachi.
  11. octoserge

    Current Daily Driver Razor

    Tarara Nodachi most days. Swing Sweden DE razor a close 2nd place.
  12. octoserge

    Tatara Nodachi Breaking a Blade!

    If you don’t know much about their business, why would you throw around the concept (accusation) of cultural appropriation with no basis for doing so? You had the time to Google the term colhonas, perhaps you should have used that time to get to know their business...
  13. octoserge

    Muhle R41 My Thoughts

    I think that’s right. I’ve never done a three pass shave with the R41. Never had to. Two passes easily result in BBS for me.
  14. octoserge

    Muhle R41 My Thoughts

    A wet shaver not trying the R41 is like enjoying multiple rides on the medium-sized roller coaster at an amusement park, but refusing to try the big scary coaster. [emoji23]
  15. octoserge

    Anyone else lucky enough to live near a store that carries shave gear?

    Being able to walk to both of the Pasteurs locations in NYC has been a wonderful embarrassment of riches for this lucky wetshaver.