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    Thanksgiving 2019

    Going to Fredericksburg Thanksgiving eve, and leaving Sunday. We will keep it simple- turkey breast, loaded cauliflower, and my wife’s dressing (although I won’t be eating as much as I normally would).
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    "Okay boomer..."

    Bobby “Boomer” Baun.
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    How would you respond to this comment?

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    "Okay boomer..."

    very true. I tend to be a pessimist, but if you give people a chance, most are okay. Yep. Get off of my lawn. :)
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    Maybe we should start a tradition. Send me a PM- I work second shift, but if you want to check out a modern flight simulator I will give you the 50 cent tour.
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    Lee Child/Jack Reacher

    Yep- The Bear and the Dragon didn’t even seem to be written by him. I can’t say exactly why I feel that way
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    "Okay boomer..."

    Old people have been griping and insulting younger generations for years (and the internet makes it more visible), so now when they fire back with something we (actually, I am a Gen X’er) get our boxers in a bunch.
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    Cellar Labels

    Thanks for clarification. I thought this may be the case, but wasn’t sure
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    In an ideal world, they would hand out burnt ends and Shiner Bocks to adult trick or treaters.
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    Whats cooking in 2019?

    Indeed. The wife made potato soup, on this cold day it hit the spot.
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    What do you watch on YouTube?

    Music almost exclusively, and my musical tastes are far ranging.
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    Photo of the Day

    Great pictures of Lake Erie during a November Witch. The lake can be brutal during storms.
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    This Day In History

    1938- we must never forget.
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    Philosophical razors

    You can count on Americans to do the right thing- after they’ve tried everything else. Churchill
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