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    Custom Scales

    I need some custom scales. I am not too concerned about material. I might need 8 pairs so I am concerned about keeping the price down. I sent you a PM about black horn. Please give me any information I'd need.
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    How common are Gold 195's (fatboys)?

    I didn't think so. I don't have the appropriate box but yes, I guess the Executive is what I was talking about. And yes, Clarks Wallabees are some of the most comfortable shoes! I have a lot of different pairs of Clarks, wallabees, desert treks, desert boots. I love them all. Thanks!
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    How common are Gold 195's (fatboys)?

    How common are the Gold 195's? I ask because I was going through my box of razors and found one that I forgot I had.
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    220 grit wet/dry sandpaper is my new best friend.

    are you sanding the smooth side? I'd imagine that it would ruin the grain. are you sanding the back/grainy side? which side are you applying the chromium oxide? what form was it in, a hard green bar? where'd you get it?
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    Old member checking in

    I haven't been around for awhile, a lot of personal stuff going on but i now have free time to work on straight razors again so I thought I'd say hello to anyone who remembers me.
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    Excited....and a little scared of the imminent arrival!

    it will be easy since you aren't doing your chin/moustache, those are my trouble areas. be careful along the jawline, i cut myself there a couple times. just go slow, make sure you know how you want to move the razor before you actually do it....visualize a little bit. PRACTICE WITH THE...
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    Edwin Jagger Brush

    indeed. definitely buy it!
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    Modern Stuff

    quercus by penhaligons estee lauder pleasures for men banana republic classic these are some of my favorites.
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    Pimp My Shave Rig...

    the merkur HD is a VERY solid purchase. you'll keep it in your rotation. the $35 c&e brush is very good for the price. I like it a lot. if i had to get one or the other it'd be a hard choice. i'd prob. get the HD. you will use it forever most likely. you can use the brush forever, but...
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    The DIY "Moss scuttle"

    do you have lacy pink underwear? i don't. i also know that i wouldn't like lacy pink underwear. the same theory applies. i have been civil and you are being a jerk. what is your problem? edit - by the way, it seems a lot of people who have bought them either don't like them or are selling...
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    I'm a newbie all over again.

    straight razors are more satisfying than DE's in my opinion. DE's seem girly after you have been using a straight for a little while. You read people talking about the new creams they are using or their new brush and it isn't that appealing when you are thinking about straights. with DE's I...
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    proper use of a slant razor

    do you hold it like a regular razor, say a merkur hd, and shave with it or do you turn it 45 degrees and put the safety bar on your face? i am assuming you turn it and use the safety bar, that way the blade is actually slanted. if you don't do that it would just be like a regular...
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    Quercus by Penhaligons

    I ordered another bottle of it yesterday with some eBay money.
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    The DIY "Moss scuttle"

    poor logic. i don't like the way it looks, i don't like the way it functions. i said the price is OK i just don't like it. am i not entitled to my opinion? my comments were in response to someone else who said it was 'luxurious' or something and i don't agree. I don't have to own one to...
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    Mama Bear's Shave Soap

    has anybody tried it? I'm about to place an order. There are only 6 types made with EO's, the rest are fragrance oils but the fragrance blends are very interesting. She also makes castile soap (olive oil soap) for regular use.
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