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Recent content by NPK

  1. NPK

    Vintage Gillette safety razor

    I only use a Tech.
  2. NPK

    Shavus interruptus

    I have never had that happen to me or anything like it. The moment my shave starts, I am left alone until I emerge from the bathroom.
  3. NPK

    Efficiency Preference

    I take my time each time and savor the spa-like experience. As a result I use a mild razor with a sharp blade. I look forward to shaving each time so I am not interested in pushing BBS or using aggressive razors that could result in bumps or burns.
  4. NPK

    boar hair brush?

    1. Find a cup/mug that won't tip over easily. 2. Put the boar brush in the cup, bristles down 3. Fill the cup with cold water up until 75% of the bristles are submerged 4. Put the cup/water/brush in the fridge for 3 days 5. After three days, take the brush out of the water and let it dry...
  5. NPK

    I skipped today's shave because...

    ...the movie I was watching ran long...usually I shave just before bed, so I'll take care of it first thing in the morning.
  6. NPK

    What are some negative exposure DE razors (for a nick-free shave)?

    It's plastic, 2 piece very sturdy and very well made with a weighted handle. It comes with top notch blades for a very affordable price. Perfect to start the DE journey.
  7. NPK

    What are some negative exposure DE razors (for a nick-free shave)?

    I'd venture rhe Wilkinson Sword Classic (polymer version) is very neutral in exposure.
  8. NPK

    DOC - do Double Open Combs work?

    When you think about the base plate bar passing over your skin and whiskers lubed by the soap the hair and skin are folded for a small moment then brought to the blade exposure. That base plate bar is continuous the entire length of the blade. The result is the hair is higher than the skin and...
  9. NPK

    Rotate only 2 items in your den

    Being a minimalist means this is all too easy. I only have 2 kinds of blades, 2 razors and 2 soaps.
  10. NPK

    New Acquisition = best shave for newbie

    That looks like a Tech I saw on Etsy, same wood display and all. I may have even had it in my faves. Nice. Refining your Tech-nique 😏 with 1 razor then to moving on a rotational basis may yield more satisfactory results. Enjoy the vintage journey.
  11. NPK

    Achieving a BBS shave. Let's be honest.

    BBS is easy for some, the rest are satisfied with a dang fine shave. One thing is for certain no matter which you prefer, its gone within 24hrs.
  12. NPK

    Your rarest razor

    I happened across a TRIS razor made in Italy. I have no idea how old it is other that the previous owner brought it over and used it for many years and he had to be at least 70 years old. There doesn't seem to be much information on it, I have only owned Gillette Tech up to this point so its...
  13. NPK

    Try to find a fit razor for me

    Gillette Tech. Some embrace it now, some embrace it later. Its only a matter of time.
  14. NPK

    Epiphany--I like mild razors!

    When I first came across B&B back in the spring of 2019 this theme of mild razors kept recurring in my readings. I am the type of guy to read history and learn from it so my direction from the start was to find the mild razor for me. After learning the basics on a Wilkinson Sword Classic...
  15. NPK

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    I have been looking for a vintage Old Spice mug excepting that the cost of shipping to be exorbitant, but I happened across a local buy and sell listing one for $10 which I thought was a fair deal. On the side it has pictures of 2 ships and says Ship Grand Turk Salem ~ 1786 on the side and...
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