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  1. npinn001

    Satin or chrome Futur, what finish do people prefer?

    Just wondered generally whether people prefer the chrome finish as with nearly all Merkurs, or if people prefer the brushed satin finish? Just interesting i thought.....
  2. npinn001


    Face lather....seriously. The owner advocates this method also. I found bowl lathering problemeatic, but face lathering was a cinch.
  3. npinn001


    Hi All, Here is a quick introduction to you all as i will no doubt require the help of you folks as I venture from DE to Straights. I have been DE shaving for between 18 months and 2 years, and can get a superb shave with minimum fuss. When i started out it was a 30 minutes to get a good...
  4. npinn001

    I don't Get MWF

    I think you are right. I love yorkshire!
  5. npinn001

    I don't Get MWF

    Im lucky in that i live down the road from the factory where MWF is made in Bradford, and i have been in a few times to pick bits up. THE single biggest thing the owner says is you get the best results from face lathering this soap, and i couldnt agree more. I load up my brush, a boar brush...
  6. npinn001

    Favourite/Best brush to face lather with?

    Ya see, I knew it would be hard to choose past a Rooney. The X2L Colonel is a good shout and one i have had my eye on for some time now. Maybe time to pull the trigger. For everyone who put omega, i have one i need to break in, but just looking at the loft makes me think face lathering...
  7. npinn001

    Favourite/Best brush to face lather with?

    Yeah, i probably phrased that wrong. I guess its because its hard to get Rooney brushes in the UK and the vendors in the UK that do offer them are less than fun to deal with. But also because i know you all love your Rooneys, so i was trying to guage beyond those what people liked
  8. npinn001

    Favourite/Best brush to face lather with?

    Folks, I discovered face lathering last night, and dont think i'll ever go back to the bowl. Which is a shame given the nice scuttle i have :001_rolle I'm interested what brushes people think are the best for this technique, but i would ike to know the answer EXCLUDING ROONEY Brushes. This...
  9. npinn001

    Soap performance

    Having just switched from creams to soaps after a year of creams, i can give a fairly objective answer. Creams are good imho for a 30 second lather and go. No fuss, just lots of lather. However, soaps are much more satisfying to lather, and the razor definately glides much better. Good...
  10. npinn001

    Thumbs up for Traditional Shaving Co

    Big thumbs up for Matthew and his Traditional Shaving company, found at This site Fast delivery, good prices and really well presented and wrapped goods. Recommended.
  11. npinn001

    What don't you like about boar brushes?

    I have to say, a really dense badger knot is better than a boar brush for creating lather. it creates it quicker and easier. The difference is a really dense badger brush will set you back 5 times that of a really good boar brush. I like them all so have a really dense badger, a badger boar...
  12. npinn001

    What don't you like about boar brushes?

    This is interesting to a new Boar owner. I used to own Mtichells Wool Fat soap, but gave it up because none of my badgers could handle it. Since i bought a boar, i have been able to use triple milled soaps to great effect. I did use my Duke 3 in best, and it lathered like a dream. For me...
  13. npinn001

    Storing a Tabac Soap puck long term

    At present i have the option of buying Tabac soap puck refil, or buying the soap in the glass bowl again for not much more (i already have the glass bowl with the soap, just stocking up). So should i buy the soap in the bowl, i figure i can take the puck out and store it, and use the glass...
  14. npinn001

    Omega Boar v Semogue Boar

    Yeah cheers....basically its says buy all 3 in the comparison plus the other semogues and omegas and the vulfix boar!
  15. npinn001

    Omega Boar v Semogue Boar

    Whats the verdict folks? Cheers
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