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  1. Noswad

    I have a problem

    I agree. You should start by working on a fortnight set (2 weeks) and work up to a month's worth. Seriously, they are all beautiful. I only have one.
  2. Noswad

    Viewing the edge of a straight

    I sometimes use this trick and you do not need magnification. You take the blade and have a good light source then rotate side to side and front to back while looking at the blade. You will see a light reflected from the bevel and then rotate the blade so you see the reflection of the other...
  3. Noswad

    5 Rare, Restored Straight Razors by Daflorc (Marshes & Shepherd)

    Beautiful razors and thanks for the finishing tips, too!!!
  4. Noswad

    7/8 Zowada w/covered tang in ivory(pic heavy)

    Absolutely beautiful. Hope you enjoy it for many, many years.
  5. Noswad

    Interesting art at work

    Hopefully the ships sinking does not have a parallel for the company's financial condition...
  6. Noswad

    New little bell arrival

    They take a very nice final edge with a Thuri too. Enjoy, she is a looker.
  7. Noswad

    The truth about straight razor shaving is .

    Does she want shaved too? Cause a straight does a great job of that :blushing:
  8. Noswad

    The truth about straight razor shaving is .

    When I do not shave with a straight for a few days I start to crave the caress of steel on my face and throat.
  9. Noswad

    Sanguine Coolcut4

    Sanguine? Hope the one you get is not bloodthirsty... Very much a strange play on words to me as this is the root word of exsanguinate which we all learned on CSI means to bleed out. Word Origin & History sanguine 1319, "type of red cloth," from O.Fr. sanguin (fem. sanguine), from L...
  10. Noswad

    Post Your Pictures: Swedish Steel

    After seeing that razor I have to quote Frank Barone (from Everybody Loves Raymond) by saying, Holy Crap that is one nice razor.
  11. Noswad

    My best score to date

    That is a beauty. Enjoy!
  12. Noswad

    Mappin & Webb Ebay snag

    Those should clean up nicely. Congrats and enjoy.
  13. Noswad

    Where do I go to hone my new Thiers Issard Carbon blade?

    Is that African or European leather?
  14. Noswad

    Carl Schlieper straight

    I have an older one I picked up quite a while ago. (The picture is the seller's; hopefully he does not mind my posting it) It is a really lovely shaver and I think I will use it in the morning. Thank you for inspiring my shave. Most vintage german razors shave really well so if it is in your...
  15. Noswad

    Is it okay to get this bloke to hone my brand new razor?

    I would use caution with this guy as I have read horror stories about knife sharpeners and razors. Not saying that he does not know what to do, but... Also everyone has a different opinion on a shave ready edge. There are a few guys down there in Australia on B&B. Send johnmrson an e-mail and...
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