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  1. NoScrubs

    Brass Razor and Patina Porn

    I have too many, for sale soon.
  2. NoScrubs

    What is your go to comfort shave?

    Gillette Goodwill Nickel #160, Gillette Platinum Blade, SV Soap.
  3. NoScrubs

    Brass Razor and Patina Porn

    I have polished most of my Matte or Satin razors and did not polish under the cap or the top of the base. However, after a little research, I do not believe that you can have any noticeable impact on the gap by polishing the entire razor. I think that replating probably has a greater propensity...
  4. NoScrubs

    Ordering Shaving Products From Overseas

    Anti-bacterial soap for the razor, I leave the box outside for the trash.
  5. NoScrubs

    Brass Razor and Patina Porn

    I agree. Tech on the right has an ATT copper handle.
  6. NoScrubs

    The Big PIF (ends 3/21/2020)

    I will loan Zig a photo....just the photo. Pasta loving Caique.
  7. NoScrubs

    What Food is in Your Go Bag?

    Shelter at Home....No Bag Needed.
  8. NoScrubs

    Favorite DE Safety Razor

    Do you shave with an adjustable? What is your favorite?
  9. NoScrubs

    Blackbird Titanium

    The Timeless Ti was a nice addition because the SS Timeless seemed to be a heavy razor (I sold my SS Timeless and purchased the Timeless Ti). The Blackbird does not feel that heavy to me. Other than the finish and durability I would not trade my SS Blackbird for a titanium Blackbird. Of course...
  10. NoScrubs

    Favorite DE Safety Razor

    I hope that my shave technique is better than my spelling. I had to go back and clean this (post) mess up. I think I was too anxious to get to my morning shave to proofread the original post before I hit reply. At least the shave was good (New SC w/GSB)
  11. NoScrubs

    Favorite DE Safety Razor

    It's not that I dislike the adjustables its just that I reach for them less. I really like the heft of the fatboy and the versitility of the slims. I am just not a fan of fiddleing with the adjustment during the shave. I think that adjusting interrupts the flow of the shave. I am tempted to...
  12. NoScrubs

    What is your most efficient razor?

    I have 3 techs and found them to be smooth but too mild. They qualify as den thinning candidates in a few weeks.
  13. NoScrubs

    Favorite DE Safety Razor

    Great photos, this is why we keep coming back. Thanks
  14. NoScrubs

    Favorite DE Safety Razor

    I was looking forward to another great photo.
  15. NoScrubs

    Favorite DE Safety Razor

    Which Vintage Gillette competes with your Game Changer?