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Recent content by NorthernBoy

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    GC .68

    How does the Game Changer 0.68 compare to a DE89?
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    New Dollar Tree Safety Razor! Assured for MEN

    There are at least two Dollar Trees in the city I live in, but I don't know if they sell this razor. I've wondered for a while though. I'll have to make a point of checking.
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    I tried Skin Bracer for the very first time today. I was fully expecting a Home Alone scream from the burn, but instead there was no burn whatsoever, and I even thought I had a bit of a rough shave. It felt good afterwards, but I'm not used to scented aftershaves. It gave me a bit of a headache...
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    New current production razor recommendations

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Let me just remind everyone that I'm finding an EJ too aggressive. I need something very gentle.
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    New current production razor recommendations

    As you've probably noticed, I'm giving DE shaving another try lately. I'm now able to get a bbs shave from my EJ DE86, but I'm finding it too rough on my skin. What is a current production razor that would be a lot easier on my skin, but still be able to get a good shave from. I understand a...
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    best beard oils?

    I've only used Clubman so far because I got the beard three pack for cheap. When it gets low I will order some Proraso.
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    What is your beard and moustache family history?

    I have pictures of my great-grandfather (mother's side) who had a magnificent curled mustache. His father (my great-great-grandfather) appeared to be clean shaven, but his brother had a big thick beard. My grandfather (again mother's side) and all of his brothers were clean shaven. When I was...
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    Mint Tech Found

    That's what the last owner could have been doing. I say use it and enjoy it.
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    Well gents, I just ordered my very first bottle of Clubman...

    And a bottle of Proraso Green. Wish me luck!
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    Mint Tech Found

    Is that a 60's Tech?
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    What's the going rate for a fat handle Tech?

    Thanks for the responses. I was offered a few and I'm just trying to see what the range is. Sounds like the asking price was right on the money.
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    What blades do you like to use in your Mamba 53?

    Thanks for the responses. I'm just trying to get an idea of what this razor is really like. Due to the mixed opinions on this razor, I really don't know whether to be intrigued by it or not.
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    What's the going rate for a fat handle Tech?

    In used but good condition? Thanks
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    What blades do you like to use in your Mamba 53?

    Just doing a little research here to get a general idea of how it shaves. Thanks!
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    EJ DE86 / Astra SP (5)