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  1. nortac

    Federal Force X2

    I wonder how penetration compares to solid shot.
  2. nortac

    The Puzzling & Curious World of 1911

    @OkieStubble, I say replace the Checkmate springs with Wilson innards. Wilson Combat Mag Follower Spring 1911 8-Round Government 7-Round (midwayusa.com) Read the reviews on Midway' I've done that with several non-Wilson mags.
  3. nortac

    Tripp Magazines

    Is a 9 round magazine the standard for a 10mm in a 1911? If the standard is 8 rounds, then that is probably OK if it functions properly.
  4. nortac

    A Day At The Range/Gun of the day

    Shot the RSO match today, rifles on the pistol range. Ranges 20 to 25 yds. Partially hidden targets, shooting through narrow openings between barricades. Great fun. After the match I did some off hand shooting at 100 yards with my AR that I built. This Quarters RSO match is 5 rounds offhand at...
  5. nortac

    Betcha can't build just one (AR).

    Uh-oh, Dvor has a sale. I'm trying to spread out my purchases, but I just had to order the Magpul PRS stock for my M5/AR 10 build.
  6. nortac

    Pellet Gun

    I have an earlier version that I bought on a clearance sale from Midway with a throw away scope and I believe a different trigger? It was a steal at less than $100. I put an aftermarket trigger in it and different scope mounts, a nice Hawke scope. Nice plinker now. It boasts 1300 FPS, but that...
  7. nortac

    Betcha can't build just one (AR).

    Ordering various parts for the AR 10 build as they become available or have (hopefully) short backorder wait times. I had bought a VG6 Epsilon for my .223 build and a VG6 Lambda for my 6.5 Grendel upper build, so I thought I'd try a VG6 Gamma for my 6.5 Creedmoor and ordered one. Of course I can...
  8. nortac

    Pellet Gun

    My Gammo Bone Collector gave the best accuracy shooting H&N Baracudas, IIRC. It had good velocity with Gammos, but not the best accuracy. YMMV.
  9. nortac

    The Ammo Shortage

    My only experience with Norma brass was with some .308. One of the selling points was that it was already prepped, but the overall case length was way short.
  10. nortac

    Betcha can't build just one (AR).

    I put the Lyman trigger gauge to the JP single stage and it averaged under 3 1/2 lbs. It is adjustable, but I have misplaced the instructions for it, so I'll leave well enough alone.
  11. nortac

    Betcha can't build just one (AR).

    KZ Barrel Spline Socket Rod For AR15/M4 Upper Receivers (botach.com) I ordered another one of these for the AR 10 build since the one I got for the AR 15 worked so well. No more clam shell for me. Thanks to @RandyC for the suggestion!
  12. nortac

    The SCORE! Post your acquisitions here

    Which little dude are you referring to? You know we want to see the goods when they arrive and how they're put to use!
  13. nortac

    Are Small Pistol Magnum & Small Rifle Primers Safe in 9mm?

    Prior to reading the above, I was told and under the impression that the safe procedure was to lower the powder charge by a half grain and work your way up watching for pressure signs.
  14. nortac

    A Day At The Range/Gun of the day

    Worked the morning shift at the range as an RSO. It was pretty foggy at first, but clear by mid morning. I don't know if it was the ammo shortage and prices or what but I've never seen it so slow, only a handful of shooters most of the morning but picked up a bit. There was a local gun show...
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