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Recent content by NickedUp

  1. NickedUp

    Personal shavepocalypse- ideas?

    Good advice, all. Thanks. Perhaps I am getting a bit slapdash and nervous (bad combo, that.) I'll try these ideas out.
  2. NickedUp

    Personal shavepocalypse- ideas?

    It's strange. I've been a wetshaver (safety razors, mostly) for about two years now. I've amassed a range of GEMs, Gillettes, Injectors, and such, and various soaps, creams, and brushes. All has been fine for some time- the Injector even gives a nice shave sans product in the shower on those...
  3. NickedUp

    Who makes this AOS Silvertip brush?

    I was just gifted this brush from a (rather affluent) friend who gave wet shaving a try and didn't find it to his liking. It's a really nice-feeling brush- a different experience altogether from the Semogue boar I've been loving thus far. It looks a little Kent-ish to me, but I don't know for...
  4. NickedUp

    Shaving With Water Only On The Second Pass

    I will do this on occasion when I shave with a tallow soap. I am a face latherer, and I usually do a warm water rinse between passes to give a little extra moisture for the next lathering pass. I started to notice that my face was quite slick if I didn't totally scrub the soap off, so I gave...
  5. NickedUp

    Aftershave Balms as Moisturizer? Bad Idea?

    I use the Nivea sensitive balm fairly regularly. One day, I realized, "Hey, this stuff is moisturizing- maybe I should just put a little all over my face". Just wondering- is there stuff in ASBs that wouldn't be good for one's whole face, and just how moisturizing is this stuff, anyhow? I...
  6. NickedUp

    Time for the Slant?

    If you've been DE shaving for a while and are yearning for something a little different, that shaves closer, I recommend you jettison DE thoughts altogether and pick up a 1912 Gem or Ever Ready SE. Sure, they don't slant (the blades are too rigid for such trickery) but they cut the toughest...
  7. NickedUp

    OH OW... Torture Device Alert!

    Oh no, I wouldn't think of buying the thing- I just found it to be an intriguing curiosity.
  8. NickedUp

    OH OW... Torture Device Alert!

    Just a hair over eighty smackers will net you this wondrous machine, listed as a "Racine Senior Deluxe Electric Razor". Looking like an unholy union between a NEW and a power detail sander, this thing scares the p*** out of me. Just the thought of unfused AC zapping along right next to my face...
  9. NickedUp

    Week of Monsavon: Nov 16 - Nov 22

    Just want to say thanks to Cookie_Junkie- my soap just arrived and it smells wonderful! Thanks for taking so much time out to ship this stuff to all of us.
  10. NickedUp

    The GEM grip

    I use this grip when shaving WTG and downward-angled XTG passes, but I haven't found the best grip for upward ATG passes. Anyone have a secret for those?
  11. NickedUp

    Gillette toggle

    Think of a Toggle as a fancy Gillette Slim, with a toggle lever at the bottom to operate the blade doors. They are generally thought of as good shavers, and are exceedingly rare, so they fetch a princely sum. So far as I know, there's no magic in the shave gleaned from a Toggle- they are...
  12. NickedUp

    Question about Henckel Kitchen Knives

    Serrated knives don't work well with wheel-type sharpeners, because only the tips of each serration will contact the stone. I would recommend employing a triangular cross-section sharpening stone like the ones that come in the Spyderco Sharpmaker set. The edge of that sort of stone can get...
  13. NickedUp

    Magic Schick Krona... Wow

    This razor, paired with a Feather, does things no other razor does for me. It zips right over my chin without catching or roughing me up, it cuts WTG with aplomb, and it gets me to at least DFS in two passes every time, with zero irritation- no matter how careless I am. In other words, it...
  14. NickedUp

    Magical Hybrid D/SE

    Whoever this razor's seller is, they've captured something really SPECIAL! PS: It's being billed as something like "GILLETTE SHAVING SET- COMPLETE!!!!!"
  15. NickedUp

    Eine Kliene Gem Pr0n

    Haha, thanks, gents. The nicest thing is, now I get to do my shave tomorrow with what sort of feels like a "new" razor. Now I'm starting to eye my G-series injector (thought that is gold-plated, so I'll have to research more gentle ways to make it gleam. Semi-related: Has anybody ever...
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