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  1. Newmania

    The Sabbatical is Over - A 7 Soap Review

    Good reviews! I haven’t used select but CRSW Glide is explosive. Fantastic all around performer. Up there with DG and WK which I would also rank best of the best.
  2. Newmania

    Besides B&M Seville, what is the best barbershop scent?

    (American) Barbershop scents are typically built on some combination of lavender, patchouli, oakmoss and citrus -- in no particular order.
  3. Newmania

    Besides B&M Seville, what is the best barbershop scent?

    +1 to both DG Bandwagon and Jeeves
  4. Newmania

    AS that smells like Barbasol?

    Razorock American Barber (has alcohol)
  5. Newmania

    Ariana&Evans shaving soaps

    I have a stick of Platinum that I use as my travel soap. Good modern American barbershop scent and very good performance.
  6. Newmania

    Your Splash With the Best Post-Shave Feel

    Myrsol Antesol and Barristers Reserve. Both have allantoin, and others with that ingredient (cella splash, WSP) work similarly well for me. Very smooth feel. Antesol is a fraction above BR if I had to choose one.
  7. Newmania

    DG vs. WK vs. GD: Is one Better than the others?

    GD slickest. WK best post shave. DG Bandwagon my favorite scent.
  8. Newmania

    Rockwell 6s tip?

    Three or four
  9. Newmania

    Myrsol Lovers

    Antesol is my favorite. Good scent and it has allantoin. My skin feels smoother after using Antesol than any other aftershave.
  10. Newmania

    Does Branding Matter?

    For me, branding can hurt more than help. I seek out brands based mostly on reviews not on branding. But if the branding is silly or confusing or over the top in some way I might take a pass.
  11. Newmania

    Best blade for RR Game Changer .84p plate?

    Polsilver has worked well for me
  12. Newmania

    What are some of the most powdery barbershops?

    Noble Otter and Jeeves are very similar scents and both very good soaps.
  13. Newmania

    Ariana & Evans Questions

    I have a shave stick of Platinum (barbershop scent) and a tub of St. Bart's along with the aftershave and edt. Performance is great and I generally like the scents across their line although I'd say that you're not totally off base saying they're a little hipster. I'd call them modern or...
  14. Newmania

    Rockwell, Karve, and NEW LC

    Love the 6s. I sold my Karve and mostly use my 6s and sometimes Game Changer and 37c.