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  1. NesOne

    What do you think about cholesterol meds?

    Personally, I don't like/trust any meds. Even pain killers I will try handle as much pain as I can before I resort to pills. I know for some, changing their diet is not enough, but that is the route I would explore first. Keto was mentioned above, and that is one of many types of diets that...
  2. NesOne

    Blade Cost Per Year

    I started DE shaving in July '15, and bought a box of 100 Astra SP's. It lasted me about 2 years, and I bought another box. I'm still working on that box, and probably have half or more of it left. I paid $17 shipped, so if this box lasts me til July '20 it comes out to $34/5 years. That's $6.80...
  3. NesOne

    I Do Not Own a Fat Boy

    I believe I have 6 Fatboys and like 3 Slims. I prefer the Fatboy, mainly because I like the thicker handle. Do you need one? Yes. Do you want one? I'm guessing yes. So I say, keep searching and a good priced one will come along. I got my 1st Fatboy for $12 at my local antique store and it was...
  4. NesOne

    Possible relief for Calif gun owners ?

    Right, and that is the dilemma for the state. If it gets overturned and goes to SCOTUS, it affects all the states. If of course SCOTUS takes the case, and then overturns the 9th. Which is what we want.
  5. NesOne

    A comment from my wife...

    Because you subconsciously don't want her looking at a well dressed man?
  6. NesOne

    Possible relief for Calif gun owners ?

    The good news is really only for those that took advantage from 3/29/19 through 04/05/19 @ 5pm. For that week it was legal for CA residents to buy, manufacture, sell, lend, import, etc. magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. As of 5pm on 4/5 it went back to being illegal again, until the 9th...
  7. NesOne

    Wyoming Bear Attack - Empty Chamber, Glock 20

    That's why I like Sigs, no safety. All I have to remember in a high stress situation is to draw, aim, and squeeze.
  8. NesOne

    Crazy ATT Above the Tie Black Friday 50% Off

    Thanks for the feedback fellas, I will go with the M1.
  9. NesOne

    Crazy ATT Above the Tie Black Friday 50% Off

    lol good one, but I'm trying to be a minimalist and don't like to have too many options available to me lmao.
  10. NesOne

    Crazy ATT Above the Tie Black Friday 50% Off

    I have the Atlas R1 and at times feel like it may be a slight bit too aggressive. I have been wanting to buy the M1 plate, and now it seems like a good time to do it... But I'm conflicted in going for the M2 open comb instead. Can any of you help me decide what to do? Should I go for the OC...
  11. NesOne

    Nose Hair Trimmer

    yeah, my eyes water and I get a case of sneezing too. I'm starting to notice the hair on my ears now too lol. Here's another option that I haven't seen mentioned:
  12. NesOne

    Nose Hair Trimmer

    What I don't like about using the trimmers is that when I squeeze my nose, the freshly cut hairs hurt my skin. It feels really weird, so I always go with tweezers like every 4 months or so.
  13. NesOne

    Best DE Head Shaver

    I feel that any razor that you've used on your face, will work for you head. I would only recommend that you start out shaving WTG a couple of times, then do XTG. I rarely do ATG, because within a few hours, I feel the stubble already lol.
  14. NesOne

    Scored a Fatboy in the Wild

    Very nice score! I saw one on Craigslist recently as well, however they are asking for Grant and Lincoln to hold hands :D It also has the case, but no instructions, and not even close to the condition that yours is in. Coincidentally, it also has a Super blue blade in it. Congratulations...
  15. NesOne

    Movember 2018

    I'm in for the full beard. I will shave tonight (cheeks/neck), and trim my circle beard down to a #3 on my hair clippers, maybe a #2. I'll probably keep for 6 months. My 9 year old daughter told my 15 year old son "I can't wait for November so that our dad will grow his full beard back" lol.