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    custom 7/8 Spanish point in Horn

    Very Nice work!:thumbup1:
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    Nerdmans Razor Thread

    Thank you! Thanks Mark! :blushing: You should be getting this tommorow!! Let me know how it feels compared to your last T.I. :thumbup1: Awesome Mark, makes me very happy to know you liked it! Your design was crazy and kool, and thanks for letting me make the scales. How sharp is that...
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    Rusty old Cracked W&B.

    Awesome Job man!! The blade came out sickk!! Mad respect on that cleanup! The scales are great too! love the color and the style! Again, Awesome Job!!!:thumbup1:
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    DD DwarfnoDwarf

    Very nice!! I like how you left that blueing on the tang:thumbup1: I like that a lot actually!!:thumbup1: Post up after you blue the spine!!
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    How do you get rid of dark staining?

    I totally agree! I've done some where I've left patina on the face of the blade but cleaned up everything else. or cleaned evertthing up but the tang. I for one am a fan of a lil patina, it gives the blade character!! It really is up to the owner though, this one has a nice even patina tho. It...
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    Set of 7 Le Grelots

    Dude, thats awesome man! beautiful razors! Im really liking Max's scales, well, who doesnt, Your scales and Brads look really nice and clean!:thumbup1: Wher did you find that ironwood? It looks very good and you did an excellent set of scales out of it!!
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    How do you get rid of dark staining?

    For sure man! thats the only way to learn! Ill send you some acrylic if you like. That way you can go for it and do the whole thing yourself! Its fun man, Its actually addicting lol. Im here to help, you got my email, any questions at all, let me know!
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    How do you get rid of dark staining?

    Greaseless is an abrasive compound that you put on a buffing wheel thats attached to a buffer. Its like sandpaper but on a wheel that spins way faster than your hand could ever move. You can progress from an abrasive 80 grit compound up to 600 grit compound. By then all the stains and other...
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    First Restore - what should my first steps be?

    It is pretty difficult to get in between the scales at the tang withoug unpinning. Ive had a few members tell me that they have used a Fiberglass tip pen? ive honestly never looked it up, but saw some before and after pics and it worked pretty well. I usually unpin everything so I dont have much...
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    Workbench Custom Razors for the new year 2011

    Awesome work as usual sir! I always enjoy seeing your work!
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    How do you get rid of dark staining?

    Using a metal polish and some good elbow grease will clean it up a bit. From experience though, you may have to sand to get that off. I usually run it thru greaseless, so I really dont know how much sanding you will have to do. If you are not happy with the way it turns out after you try and...
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    Nerdmans Razor Thread

    Thank you!! Im sure yours will look awesome man!! Send me some pics when you finish it up!! Always nice too see everyones work!!
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    Making your own micarta scales

    I tried that last year. There is a DIY on SRP. the material came out great and was solid, but back then I did not have a belt sander and it was very hard to sand down, so I gave up. But thank you for getting my interist back up, Im going to give it another shot!!
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    Nerdmans Razor Thread

    :thumbup1: I finished these up today, I posted them earlier, but i just noticed its not here, so lets try again! all of these were polished, they had a lot of tarnish etc.. cleaned them up the best that i could without removing too much metal. The owner of the blades whanted me to reuse...
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