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    End of production for Polsilver Super Iridium DE blades

    Polsilver Super Iridium Blades Check out their site. They will stop production soon.
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    Need a bit of info please

    How do I open this razor?Please help!!
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    My top 5 sexiest razors.

    That is a 1936 aristocrat. Because it has a dome shaped head.
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    Your rarest razor

    I don't have that razor. I've seen this blue print on Wikipedia. But recently I saw the real pic of that prototype or don't know what. It looks very different than a double ring. So did Gillette really manufacture them in 1901 or something before taking the name Gillette. That razor has...
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    Your rarest razor

    Which razor is this ?
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    Which Vintage Gillette Adjustable Razor is the best?

    Which razor is this ?
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    Rare, Hard to find vintage Safety Razors

    Which razor is this
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    The Amazing Aristocrat: My holy Grail!

    Which is a better razor in terms of shave. The aristocrat 1934 or 1936. I would love to buy it if it's below 100$ if I find it at an antique store or on Bst . Maybe even eBay.
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    Gillette 1934 Aristocrat and New LC Differences

    That was funny . King. LOL
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    Gillette 1934 Aristocrat and New LC Differences

    The new is a great razor
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    No-go cream or soap

    Shaing creams are better.
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    Keeping blades in a closed can

    i keep it in my old cream box and will throw the box once the box gets filled with blades.
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    welcome to b and b
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    Keeping blades in a closed can

    Now thats a pretty good idea.
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