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    Parker Slant Razor

    I thought the Merkur 37c was going to be my last razor, as it just works right, all the time. The Parker now shares equal time. Both excellent natural shavers, fine balance, and I only switch them up for a little variety. I could go with the Parker as my one and only.
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    if you had to choose one de blade for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

    Astra SP for me. I haven't done the super-extensive testing of some here, but I've gone through a dozen or more of the better regarded blades, and Astra gives me the combo of sharp, smooth, and long-lasting that makes them a clear winner. Cheap is a bonus.
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    What is your most forgiving razor?

    A toss-up between Merkur 37c slant and Parker Semi-slant. Neither are real critical of angle used, glide beautifully, and while I'm not sloppy, I don't need to "finick" a shave. Not to mention super efficient close shavers.
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    Current Daily Driver Razor

    Parker Semi-Slant. I'm getting real fond of this razor.
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    Why King C DE Will Fizzle in the USA

    I guess Gillette figures that enough time has passed that we've forgotten their initial advertising for cartridges: You will cut yourself badly with a DE razor and blade.
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    L'Occitane Cade Shaving Cream back on the UK site.

    The former Cade Rich, in the tub, was a superlative cream. And of course I didn't stock up.
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    Parker Semi Slant

    This has largely been my experience. The Semi needs a bit more attention to angle on the face than the 37c, but it's still less "finicky" than so many others.
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    Astra SP

    For me, it's THE blade. Just as effective as any other, smoother first to last, long lasting, and even when at the end of it's run it gives fewer weepers than other blades at their best. Oh, yeah, and cheap.
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    Can duller blades result in closer shaves?

    Seems to me that if the blade is on the face, it will cut at the same level dull or sharp. A duller blade, moving slightly above the face and not immediately cutting, may just ride over the whisker.
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    If I had to use only one shaving brush from now on, I would use......

    A smallish Bob Farvour-made with a 24x48 TGN finest bulb shape. Just does the job right.
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    Aftershaves...a little goes a long way.

    High school buddy, and Canoe. He could have floated one on the amount he used. Three female classmates did an intervention with him.
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    Looking for an inexpensive razor that gives smooth BBS shaves?

    Am only two shaves in with the Parker, but very impressed. I didn't think I'd like the long, heavy handle but it balances nicely, and it might just be a bit more efficient than my beloved 37c. It's a touch more demanding on blade angle, and it's audible, which was a surprise, but a good...
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    What is your absolutely favorite razor of all times?

    Merkur 37c slant. I get a 2P + touchup BBS with no blood, without having to be super careful or finicky about technique; not sloppy, mind you, just shave without worry.
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    What’s your skin-friendliest blade?

    Astra SP for me. I have to use it over 15 times before I start getting weepers, and even then it doesn't feel rough.
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    Feather vs Astra vs Bic

    What puts Astra SP first on my list is the fact that it never feels rough to me, even after 15 or so shaves. It just gets less effective.
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