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  1. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Canned Foam

    Had to rush out this AM but needed to shave Found a can of Barbasol while packing for Canada that my wife had for crafts. Decided to use it (I tried the CaD soap and found I like the Barbasol homage) I cant remember last time I used canned foam. Even when I used a cartridge I used gel Was...
  2. MyOldKentuckyHome


    Or as I'm trying to learn from F to C "Hey Google, what is 21 celsius in fahrenheit" 🤣
  3. MyOldKentuckyHome


    Thanks My wife was born and lived about 2 hours from Toronto until she was 7 and has always wanted to move "home" We looked at Toronto and the cost of living was just too much for us Her parents had visited PEI several times and always talked about how beautiful it was so it always held a...
  4. MyOldKentuckyHome


    We decided to watch a church service online in Toronto last summer the weekend we were supposed to be in Toronto before COVID hit. It led to a discussion about moving to Canada and now my wife is in PEI and w are just waiting for my work permit to clear.
  5. MyOldKentuckyHome

    I finally found a way to save money wet shaving.

    I've been wet shaving for a little over two years. The only time I didn't find myself buying a bunch of stuff was the 6 months or so that I got busy and lost track of B&B! :lol1: But then again, I love every minute of it and as long as I occasionally sell something my wife doesn't complain...
  6. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Challenge PIF - Astra Superior Stainless Blades - Then And Now

    I'm in. Recently started using vintage blades and love the modern Astra SP but haven't tried the SS yet
  7. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Hello from Ontario

    Welcome. My wife is from Ontario (Picton/West Lake area) and just recently moved to PEI where I will be joining her soon (hopefully) once my work permit clears
  8. MyOldKentuckyHome

    My vintage resto mod set

    Doh - I sold mine because it was so similar to my KCG (which my wife gave me) I loved the handle on the Heritage and the box. Should have bought a new tech head and done this!
  9. MyOldKentuckyHome

    A&E Summer Fig

    Well, bummer I opened this thread because I recently got Fezziwig which is fig and cranberry and LOVE it I just keep finding myself reaching for it But overpowering scents give me headaches so I don't think I'll be getting this as another fig scent If you LIKE fig but don't want...
  10. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Best TOBS cream?

    I have the grapefruit and it is divine
  11. MyOldKentuckyHome


    Oh the humanity...my den has been reduced to just this during the moving process (wife left yesterday and arrives at our new apartment in PEI later today, the daughters and I will follow next month Lord willing) The rest is in boxes about to cross into PEI
  12. MyOldKentuckyHome

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    This actually arrived on Wednesday I think - but getting my wife ready for her move to Canada (I follow next month) has taken priority She left yesterday so I took this out and gave it a nice cleaning this morning and can't wait to shave with it!!
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