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  1. mwhals

    Do you prefer an aggressive razor or a mild razor?

    I get close shaves with a Feather ASD1 and Feather blade. I guess that means I like mild with a sharp blade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. mwhals

    What do you guys do when you travel?

    I take a shave stick, DE razor and blades, small travel brush and small bottle of aftershave. I always check the bag. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  3. mwhals

    Show off your shaving related Christmas presents(or whatever you got)!

    I received a Fatip Chrome Grande and alum block from my wife.
  4. mwhals

    Lime Soap?

    Is there a lime Soap as good as Castle Forbes lime shaving cream? I am about out of the shaving cream and want to try a lime soap.
  5. mwhals

    Barbasol vs higher end stuff?

    Barbasol is good for cleaning eyeglasses, but for shaving it does not compare to better soaps and creams.
  6. mwhals

    Mitchell's Wool Fat

    I use Tabac, but have wanted to try MWF. Can they coexist, LOL? I heard people love one and hate the other. Why can't one like both?
  7. mwhals

    Razor identification

    On the bottom in four corners is the following: 1. Gillette 2. Made in USA 3. W REG U 4. Pat off Inside butterfly is: 1. Pat NOS 2. On Pkg I think I read everything right. My dad passed away a little over a week ago and this was in a bedroom drawer as he didn't use it anymore. There...
  8. mwhals

    Razor identification

    This razor was my dad's and I would like to know if anyone here can identify it.
  9. mwhals

    Gillette Tech - n00bs, don't get caught up in the" macho aggressive razors" thing!

    My AS-D1 does wonderful for me. Not sure if the AS-D2 is worth the upgrade. ??
  10. mwhals

    First Time With Tabac

    I love Tabac! Just did a shave with it and will be ordering a refill soon.
  11. mwhals

    Shave every day?

    This! +1
  12. mwhals

    The Math Geek Game

    20^2 + (50 - 2 * 15) Next number is a prime number: 683
  13. mwhals

    Word Association Thread

  14. mwhals

    Next Razor from Feather AS-AD1 Recommendation

    The Atlas M1 and M2 look interesting. Not sure of the difference and how they compare to the EJ89L razor. I want a razor that will give me a closer shave than I can get with the AS-AD1 over two passes and sometimes three.
  15. mwhals

    Next Razor from Feather AS-AD1 Recommendation

    I use the Feather AS-AD1 and have the ED89L as well. I find the Feather works best for my sensitive skin and "thin" beard. I do think it is a little too mild, but am not fond of the ED89L. I am wondering what a next best razor might be to try next. I am not sure if the Feather AS-AD2 is changed...
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