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Recent content by Mvcrash

  1. Mvcrash

    FREE WEEK, SOTD "themed week" November 28th - December 4th 2011

    Warm Shower, Stephan's, warm oil Dirty Bird Scuttle Custom Badger Brush RazoRock Caprician Lemon Shave Soap Maxtom, 7/8 1/4 Hollow Barber's Notch SRDP1 Strop, 100 Laps RazoRock Aluminum Pinaud Bay Rum Vaseline For men
  2. Mvcrash

    your thoughts on baby oil or vaseline as a moisturizer?

    I use Vaseline for Men everyday and after every shave. Non-greasy and keeps things well moisturized.
  3. Mvcrash

    Johnnie Walker DOUBLE Black

    I have tried it. It is like a cross between Green and Gold. Very tasty. The bottle is cool also. Gold is one of my favorites. Cannot beat it for a price.
  4. Mvcrash


    Don't know where you live but I am in Northern NJ. When you return from your deployment, if you are close by it would be my honor to provide you with an evening of scotch sampling. I collect scotch and will ensure that your sampling is quite varied.
  5. Mvcrash

    First bottle of scotch

    Remember one thing about YOUR scotch. Drink it YOUR WAY!!!! The are times I enjoy an ice cube (one) in my glass, there are other times I don't. I always have a cold glass of water also. There will be folks who will say putting ice or water in the scotch is BAD, single malts are great...
  6. Mvcrash

    Has there been a New Jersey Get Together?

    Sorry I missed this one but I've been absent from here for a while. If you do another I would love to attend. Yesterday would not have been a good day for me anyway.
  7. Mvcrash


    JW Gold is one of my favorite Scotchs. Hard to beat it. The others are also very nice. I'd get the JW 18.
  8. Mvcrash

    Trigger Finger Surgery: Anyone had it?

    I have had hand surgery from an injury. In a cast for 4 months then off to rehab. I hve had no lasting effects since and my dexterity is fine, even for small model building. My sister had a trigger finger fixed last year. She is also fine. Good Luck with the surgery, god speed for a quick...
  9. Mvcrash

    23-year old Chivas Regal?

    Chivas is a nice tasting blend. The Mac is a very good Scotch but the older ones can get very expensive. Many people snub their nose at blends. I find some of them to be very fine tasting Scotchs and enjoy them on occasion. If you want to try a very reasonably priced 18 year old, try Johnnie...
  10. Mvcrash

    My little girl!

    Congrats on the Birth of you daughter. I'm sure Baby Allison is in good hands and your wife is doing well also. My advice would be to visit her whenever you want to. Stay as long as you want to. You and your wife should talk to her, read to her, she already knows your voices, it will sooth...
  11. Mvcrash

    Kitchen gadgets you wouldnt want to do without?

    I would say the most important item in my kitchen for cooking is the wife. If she does not cook, I go out to eat.
  12. Mvcrash

    aramis havana question

    I've been wearing Aramis in one form or another for almost 25 years. Every time my wife and I are in a place that sells AS and cologne she tests different fragrances and always comes back to Aramis. The big thing to remember is that due to body chemistry, every fragrance is different on...
  13. Mvcrash

    Bought my first single malt

    I have to agree with this. Islay Scotch takes an acquired taste.
  14. Mvcrash

    Scotch Collection...

    21 is quite nice. If you want to try a really great 21 try Glenfiddich 21 finished in Rum Casks. I noticed the bottle of Swing in your cabinet,cool bottle. The Mac 18 is a favorite of mine.
  15. Mvcrash

    Air travel with straights.

    If I am in a hotel for 1-3 days, I hang the "do not disturb" sign on the door. I don't need my sheets and towels changed every day and I can make my own bed, when required. I always leave a way to let me know if someone came into the room. If they do, I complain to management immediately. If...
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